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SAA Commanders at Front Lines

Martyr General Hussein Ishaq, head of SAA Air Defense

The country fighting the filthiest filth of the world for more than 3 years alone has stood tall by the sacrifices of its people and the exceptional heroism of its armed forces, especially its national army SAA, the Syrian Arab Army.

Martyr General Hussein Ishaq, head of Air Defense in SAA joined his commanders and soldiers in the longest queue of martyrs a country has paid of its best men and women and raised to the highest levels of humanity sacrificed his soul to save Syria.

Martyr General Hussein Ishaq, head of SAA Air Defense
Martyr General Hussein Ishaq, head of SAA Air Defense

The martyr was leading a group of his soldiers storming in a building, where the western-backed anti-Islamic Wahhabi Al Qaeda FSA terrorists built their fortifications, around 10 pm Saturday night Damascus timing. Terrorists hiding in the building like rats running away from the confrontation threw an explosive grenade at the attacking unit led by the General, he martyred with 4 of his bravest soldiers later succumbing to their wounds.

Martyr General Hussein Ishaq managed to block all the attempts of the terrorists positioned in Mleiha to break through into nearby Jaramana town, both in Damascus Countryside, which would have gave them a passage to Damascus International Airport highway and attacking Damascus city from southeast.

A short bio of the martyr:

  • The martyr served in an Air Defense unit in Lebanon during the 1982 US & Israeli led invasion to the neighboring country. A captain at that time he managed to shoot down 2 US regime jets, the first was a Grumman A-6 Intruder bomber and he managed to arrest its mercenary American pilot, and within few hours he shot down another A-7 jet.
  • Due to his heroic acts defending Lebanon in 1982 he was decorated with a medal by late Hafez Assad.
  • He headed the SAA Air Defense Military School in Homs, serving as a Brigadier.
  • Appointed last year as head of SAA Air Defense and served in its Mleiha headquarters.
  • He was known to always lead his soldiers at the front lines throughout his career and was rewarded with martyrdom.

The Holy Quran promised martyrs defending the right against evil eternity until judgment day and the best places reserved in heavens, those falling to save their families, their people, their land and their properties from foreign invaders and from thieves.

Syria could be the only country that presented two of its defense ministers martyrs defending its precious soil within less than a century, the first Youssef Azmeh who went with his small forces a few years after the independence to meet the invading French troops in Maysaloon near Damascus in 1920, he knew he will lose the unequal battle but to show the enemies that they’re not welcome and what to expect from Syrians and paved the way to the people he defends to not accept any type of subjection by any foreign powers. And during this crisis in July 2012 Defense Minister Daoud Abdulla Rajha (Christian) martyred with 3 other top generals in a western intelligence plotted explosion in Damascus.

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  1. miri

    I read this and weep.

    I read this and compare it to Panetta visiting ‘his’ troops in Afghanistan, a few years ago, and ‘his’ troops being disarmed before the meeting.


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