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Russia Warns the West and Sends Aid to Syria

Air Force F-16 Fighter

Moscow sends further humanitarian aid to Syria and warns against military attack.

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, who recently had a probably very interesting telephone conversation with the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, said in a very recent statement that any military attack against Syria will only destabilize the Arab nation as well as the entire region of the Middle East while the rhetoric of the warmongers against Syria gains a new momentum.

However, every logical consideration of the results of such a military attack against Syria only says that a war against Syria will both increase the number of victims and boost the suffering of the Syrian people.

Not to mention that the war rhetoric by Washington, Paris and London is mainly based on false propaganda, lies and the usual phrases to influence the public opinion.

And while the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned about the horrible consequences of a military attack against Syria for the Arab nation and the entire Middle East, Moscow also announced that the Russian administration has sent a new shipment of humanitarian aid to Syria.

The Russian aircraft with the humanitarian aid for the Syrian people has already landed in the famous Syrian city of Lattakia, located at the coast of the once peaceful country. After the humanitarian aid for the Syrian people has been discharged, the Russian aircraft will bring back the Russians in and around Lattakia who want to leave Syria due to the increase of the possibility of a war against the Syrian nation.

Irina Rossius, the Russian Emergency Ministry spokeswoman in Moscow, said in a new statement that the aircraft already landed in the Syrian city of Lattakia (Latakia) yesterday. According to the information about the amount of humanitarian aid by Russia for the Syrian people, it is said that the aircraft brought some 20 tons of food and other humanitarian help to the Syrian city near the coast.

The statement by Russia’s Emergency Ministry spokeswoman Irina Rossius also said that the Russian aircraft will bring back some 180 nationals of ex-Soviet states, including about 100 Russian nationals, when it flies back to the Russian capital.

Syria, Tartus (Arabic: طرطوس)
Syria, Tartus (Arabic: طرطوس)

The 180 civilians of ex-Soviet states and the 100 Russians have made it clear that they want to leave Syria as soon as possible.

However, it is understandable in the face of the increasing war rhetoric of Western governments against Syria and the will of some “powers” and war profiteers to launch a military attack on the Arab nation, without having the horrible consequences in mind (or they just do not care about).

The Russian shipment of humanitarian aid and food to Syria is the next help for the Arab nation after Moscow had already sent two planes with about 70 tons of humanitarian aid to Syria in July. Already in April, Moscow has sent around 30 tons of humanitarian aid and supplies to Syria in order to support the suffering Syrian people.

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1 Comment

  1. Bobby

    Syria is to blame for inviting this destiny to their own soil. If a murderer wants to kill you dont invite him or any of his associates to your home no matter how good and innocent you are. I think syrians have forgotten about this simple rules!
    No proof is necessary for the West to attack you. They are thieves and only need what you have. If you invite them through their agencies: UNO, MSF, etc, they love it. It makes it very easy for them.
    So dear Assad too late. but know this; the battle is lost. The next is a no-fly zone all without UNSC. What follows is a total invasion. Simple mathematics:

    War attacks by Zionists = False Flag+Lies
    False Flag + lies = Invitation of UNO for proves and intervention
    So therefore: War attacks by Zionists = Invitation of UNO for proves and intervention


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