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Syrian Soldiers in Daraa (Source: FNA)

Anti-Syrian Propaganda: Israel wants the war in Middle East?

In Israel, they not only know for at least 4 or 5 days that it was the Syrian Army, which used chemical weapons, but they also know the location from where the rockets were fired (western slope of Mount Kassiun) and by whom (155th Brigade of the 4th Division of the Syrian Arab Army).

Of course, including the names of the commanders of the Syrian units, which supplied the chemical weapons to the firing positions and the names of those who finally carried out the command.

In addition, they also have started to speculate that it was probably not Bashar al-Assad, but his evil brother Maher al-Assad, who had the initiative in the matter.

This configuration is reminiscent of Libya, where they painted a picture of a brutal unpredictable Khamis Gaddafi, over whom the “dictator” has no more control. In other words, they throw the picture of a loss of control in the Syrian nation onto the wall.

In the search of how this information may have come into the ether, one comes to an old friend: DEBKAfile.

DEBKAfile is now a factitious floozy, of course. Sometimes, one reads the truth there, in a way, how you cannot read it anywhere else. In other moments, DEBKAfile serves the truth mixed with pure imagination, and frequently, it just talks pure bullshit. However, all this so professional that one, as a European layman, has hardly the chance to distinguish one from the other on the website of DEBKAfile.

But. When the DEBKAfile presented version about the situation that American-led commandos infiltrated from Jordan to Syria on August 17 and they were swept away by the hot-blooded Maher al-Assad with unfair means, is even true to at least 1 percent, then the reasons for the formal hysteria, which has gripped the Western world, become quite clear.

Because then it’s already about the principle, and the acute intensification of the rhetoric of Mr. Hagel, who until recently still vehemently rejected alone the idea of a repeat of the “Libyan scenario”, would confirm this.

As it is, now everything really depends on the power holder Barack Obama, who has no desire to become involved in this dubious campaign, but who maneuvered himself with his red lines into a corner. And everyone pushes and pulls him into it so that he, as it seems, has already flagged down – and the matter takes its course.

Maher al-Assad
Maher al-Assad

That, in case DEBKAfile serves the truth here. But this is, as said, very unlikely.

The fierce rhetoric of the Republicans and the U.S. vassals has up to this moment still not led to any tangible result. U.S. power holder Barack Obama seems to have disappeared.

Besides, there are some perfectly logical published reports of contacts between confidants of Barack Obama and Iran in this situation.

At the moment, the situation is so that one would still have yesterday rated the emergence of a coalition of aggressors and a U.S. attack at 100% probability, and today it is after all only at 90%. One has the impression that Barack Obama is rather looking for reasons to avoid an attack (on Syria).

We’ll see. Maybe he’s a hero. But this is, as I said, also very unlikely.

Source: apxwn

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