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War propaganda against Syria: Caution, a feint to lull!

In recent days, the U.S. and British criminal circles spread various messages, by which it is tried to give the impression that in an open US-led war of aggression against Syria, it will “just” involve short attacks with cruise missiles against positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), and it will be finished in about two days.

This assessment appears to be shared by the Iranian military. So, it was reported from Iran, that the United States is currently financially too weak and not bellicose enough to lead a new major war in the region after the disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq.

We (link below) consider it as unrealistic. The war objective for the U.S. and the NATO countries, set by Israel, includes the overthrow of the Syrian governance and the destruction of Syria as a part of the axis of resistance against the Zionist apartheid regime.

Attacks with cruise missiles, which only last a short time, just a few days, would be counterproductive in this regard. Would Israel and the NATO countries only be interested to annoy Syria with some murder and mayhem, so they could have spared themselves the risky false-flag terror act, which was carried out with chemical weapons.

For this reason, we assume (see source below), that the statement of the U.S. and British criminal circles, that only a two-day attacks on Syria is planned is nothing else but a feint of the criminals of the war of aggression to deceive both, their own people as well as the opponents of the war about their true intention of the waging of war to a total victory over Syria.

With the initially announced limited form of attacks, they are able to lull their own people as well as to prevent the opponents of the war and their allies from a meaningful fierce backlash that could be able to deter further attacks in the first hours of the war. In case that the war has already begun, it can be extended as long as they want with a simple explanation by the backers of the war of aggression against Syria.

Is there neither before the attack nor in the first hours of the war a decisive response by the side of the attacked state and its allies, then the attacks are evaluated as successfully, but insufficiently, and thus, they are continued. With the increase of the duration of war, it gets more and more unlikely, that a determined resistance of the opponents of the war and its allies follows.

Another false-flag attack is also able to justify the continuation of the war of aggression against Syria; that could happen, for example, by a feigned retaliatory attack with chemical weapons against civilian targets in a member state of NATO such as Turkey or perhaps in Cyprus. After such a false-flag attack, the blame pinned on Syria, it would probably get very hard to stop the hysterical murder machine of the NATO countries.

After Syria was successfully bombed to hell, the next targets are processed one by one – Hezbollah, Iran, Venezuela, and then the thick chunks like Russia and China, unless the criminals are stopped in advance by unacceptable losses in their own ranks.

As the example of Germany in the 40s shows, the states that are attacked by psychopaths on their tour of world conquest not rely on the situation that the people of the attacking states in their tightly-organized fascist systems, such as it is the situation in the NATO countries, would be able to stop the criminals of a war of aggression. The population of such fascist states is simply shifted into a state of war hysteria with masses of propaganda lies.

Only very expensive military setbacks such as in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq and South Ossetia are able to stop these criminals. The NATO criminals of a war of aggression only stop it when they get a bloody nose.

The destruction of Yugoslavia and Libya, where the criminal Zionist-led NATO-GCC states have virtually suffered no losses, and where they even were able to carry out the war at a very cheap level in regards of the costs of war, however, are classified by the criminals as a success.

Air Force F-16 Fighter
Air Force F-16 Fighter

Only a rabid response will bring the Zionist-led NATO attack-warriors into a situation to take a distance from their plans of war against Syria. The nuclear powers among the friends of Syria could diplomatically announce, for example, to quit the senseless Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, which is interpreted by NATO states as a license to coat the not nuclear-armed countries, befriended with Russia and China, with wars of aggression when they feel like it.

And military, an appropriate response to the plans of a war of aggression by the NATO countries could be a situation that in an immediate response to the attack, numerous warships will be sunk, and their military bases are taken under heavy fire, including their command and control centres in Europe and the United States.

Should NATO consider an extension of the war because of the decisive counter strikes (counterattacks), then it should be made clear to them, that this could lead to the situation that one will be able to soon see several mushroom clouds (atomic clouds) over Washington, Paris and London.

It would be nice if there is another way to stop the notorious war criminals of the NATO countries, but as the situation is, there will be no other option.

Source: nocheinparteibuch

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  1. opossum

    You never see the otherside of the story in USA news the news here is bull pucky stupid things about movie stars. The news in the USA preoccupys the people and makes us ignorant to the dealings of the world. I’m glad that this media site is available so I can see what the other side of the world has to say.

    • Arklight

      Hi, Ivan. Welcome to the forum. I’ve no doubt at all that Red China has its greedy eyes on Siberia, and they still think they have a beef with the US, but nuclear war would wreck everything. So far as I know, no one in Europe has neutron weapons, the US doesn’t, Russian may have but I doubt it, and if China has they’ve kept it very securely bulkheaded. It’s not hard to figure out that if Red China had the sealift capacity the could come ashore anywhere, at any time, and our own military is scattered around the planet on fool’s errands. China already is a superpower in that they could fight, and probably win, any conventional war to which they could drive; the US is more an apparent, than a real, superpower. For a while the US could kill more people with greater efficiency than anyone else, but the supply of standoff weapons is not bottomless, and then what? China is already the primary economic super power, US baloney notwithstanding, and China is aggressively pursuing a program of conquest through purchase; it’s working very well, and I suspect that they could just turn of the gas and water in the US at any time, since they own controlling interest in so much of our critical infrastructure. It’s a gnarly scene full of all sorts of mines; I’m thinking that Obama will trip enough of ’em to turn most of the world upside down. Who knows where Obama will take us, against our will, but we have to take one thing at a time and work through it. Hope we hear from you again, Ivan.

  2. Ivan88

    Arklight, Thanks for your creative thinking.
    Now that you mention it, there is the hazard of an element in China that may covet and sieze Siberia.

    It was a certain power that gave China to the Communists, armed them, empowered them, gave them US secrets etc., so it is expected that the China administration will continue to be beholden that certain power.

    It is certainly something the Russians should be aware of and take precautions to avoid or prevent.

    • Arklight

      yeah. it’s no secret that the US brought Mao into being, the allegations that Clinton turned over all DoD designs over to the Red Chinese military who have not let any grass grow under their feet, either. Red China isn’t afraid of the US. Not anymore. Our military is dispersed all over the planet, and is being downsized anyway. We have no money to build capitol ships, so we’re building ‘littoral’ vessels, essentially coast defense ships small, and not suited to blue water. A super power has no need of gunboats. Instant gratification, to China, means anything up to a hundred years. They never hurry. Red China has bought up all of the mining and mineral concessions in Afghanistan, as well as arranged for rail right of way from Afghanistan into China, and will probably piggyback a pipeline from Central Asia to China. Everything that Afghanistan was REALLY about has gotten bought out from under us by a people who are polite, culturally sensitive, and pay cash for everything. Neither mujihaden nor Taliban are going to bother the Chinese. I think that the Russians are wary that they may not have their military modernized, reorganized and retrained as quickly as they would like. If I was them, I’d be nervous, too. We’ll see, with that.


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