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Russia and USA to Discuss the Crisis in Syria on Thursday

Russian Foreign Ministry source announced on Tuesday that Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Michael Bogdanov, and US Deputy Secretary of State, William Burns, will discuss in London on Thursday the developments of the crisis in Syria. The source added that “There is an initial agreement to hold this meeting,” pointing out that “Bogdanov will also take part on Thursday in the Meeting of Friends of Yemen. The source indicated that a US delegation headed by Burns will attended the meeting, and that the American side expressed keenness on such meeting. The source didn’t excluded that Bogdanov might hold contacts in London with the UN envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi.

Churkin: New Round of Russian-American Consultations on Syria
 Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, said that a new round of consultations between his country and the US on the crisis in Syria could be held next week. In a press conference on Monday, Churkin expressed concern over Washington’s latest decision with regard to supporting the Syrian opposition with USD 60 million. He indicated that Washington’s decision “Take us away from the road which leads to holding dialogue between the government and the opposition.” He stressed that the meeting, which will be in one of the European countries, will be held between the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Michael Bogdanov, and his US counterpart ,William Burns.  “We are ready to continue contacts with the US regarding the situation in Syria and I think that another meeting between Bogdanov and Burns will be held in Europe,” Churkin said. He asserted that there are big differences in the viewpoints of Russia and the US concerning the way of getting out of the crisis in Syria.

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