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president assad syria triumphed armed groups struggling for survival

Despite the ‘universal’ war launched against Syria, President Bashar al-Assad is comfortable to the condition in the crisis-torn country. The leader, who has been facing international and regional challenges, was confident that Syria “has triumphed and the armed opposition is struggling for its survival.”

In an article published on Tuesday by Lebanese daily al-Akhbar, the writer, Nasser Sharara, said there were three characteristics which have distinguished the latest events in Syria.

Sharara elaborated these characteristics, as saying: “The first one is that the Arab and factional delegations, which are of national and leftist trends, have been flocking to Damascus.”

President Assad
The second characteristic, according to the author, was that the Syrian refugees have been returning back to their country “as they found out, after two years, that sheltering them in the neighboring countries was in accordance with opportunist and political basis.”

“The countries of “Friends of Syria” want for every Syrian to be in opposition to the regime, or else they (these countries) will halt it humanitarian aids,” Sharara added.

The third characteristic was that Syria militants, along with their international sponsors, have become desperate over toppling the regime, according to the author.

He said that an Arab delegation had quoted Assad as saying that the armed groups have gotten in this period to “live its survival game.”

The members of these delegations quoted Assad as saying that he was sure “that the conspiracy against Syria was nearing its end.”
The Syrian President said that this conclusion was based on facts on ground, adding he was “very comfortable to the achievements on ground.”

He also noted that “the international and regional plotters, who have been working to tamper with Syria’s security, know well the strategic importance of such achievements.”

President Assad concluded as saying: Syria has triumphed in this battle. It has overthrown the conspiracy plot against it.”

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