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Russia: If Syrian Conflict Ends, the Terrorists will Go To…?

Syrian soldiers are executed by US-backed terrorists in Syria.

Syria: Ivanov urges all sides to think about the consequences.

The Chief of Staff of the Russian Presidential Executive Office, Sergei Ivanov, said not only in his new statement in Stockholm that Christians are killed in the Syrian conflict, but he also spoke about the possible consequences of the Syrian conflict and urged all sides to thoroughly think about the future in case the crisis and conflict in the Arab country will and. As Ivanov stated, the Syrian conflict will “end sooner or later.”

Sergei Ivanov, the Kremlin Administration Chief, further said in Stockholm that all sides with concerns on the conflict and crisis in Syria have to take decisions according to their concerns on the situation in Syria and the Russian official called upon the involved parties that they keep in mind the self-evident fact that the crisis in Syria will end – “sooner or later.”

The Kremlin official and Chief of Staff of the Russian Presidential Executive made this new statement during the 10th meeting of International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in Stockholm while it has the headquarters in London.

Sergei Ivanov also warned against the extremists and jihadists who are currently fighting on Syrian soil against the army and government of the Arab country, but also against the armed terrorists who are in possess of weapons from arsenals in Libya and said that it is an important question regarding those extremists and weapons, whereto the extremists will go when the Syrian conflict ends.

The Chief of Staff of the Russian Presidential Executive Office said that the armed extremists will not simply disappear and stated that they will continue to use arms, of course. He said, “Those (extremists) will not disappear and they will continue to use arms.” Ivanov afterwards wondered “if there is the possibility that these extremists are being fought in one country, while they are being armed in another?”

This is a reference to the extremists who have fought against the United States in Iraq and the NATO forces in Afghanistan as well as against the Russian forces in Chechnya and the French forces in Mali and underlines that these extremists are the same religious fanatics and terrorists who are now fighting in Syria against the mainly secular government of President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus.

However, the Kremlin official warned against much more in his recent statement. For example, the Chief of Staff of the Russian Presidential Executive Office Sergei Ivanov also warned about the danger of the “armed opposition” that is fighting in Syria and that these armed “opposition forces” might repeat what they have recently committed in the Christian village of Maaloula and in other areas of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Ivanov was confused about the negative positions of the “Syrian opposition” and Saudi Arabia towards the US-Russia deal on Syria’s chemical weapons despite the fact that the agreement by the United States and Russia has not only decreased the threats of war against Syria and thus, prevented dire consequences for the Syrian people, but it has also received broad international welcome by all sides who really want a political solution to the Syrian conflict and peace for Syria.

Syrian soldiers are executed by US-backed terrorists in Syria.
Syrian soldiers are executed by US-backed terrorists in Syria.

The Russian official urged caution in terms of the ideas of a military aggression against Syria and said that a military strike on the Arab country would certainly hinder the progress to find a political and diplomatic solution to the Syrian conflict, while a US-led war on Damascus would also make the so-called “Syrian opposition” refuse to sit down at the negotiation table when they consider the military attack on Syria as a potential repetition of the Libyan scenario.

Ivanov said in terms of a possible US-led military strike on Syria that “the opposition which is opposing the convening of the peace conference will lose any interest in holding negotiations because it will consider that the US is going to shell the regime as the case in Libya and consequently open for it an easy path for victory.”

The official from Russia added to his statement in Stockholm that Moscow has met its commitments and also obtained the consent by the government of al-Assad in Damascus to send a high-level delegation to the intended international conference on Syria to be held in Geneva (Geneva-II) – unlike the Western and American partners of Moscow. The Russian official then called for conducting a thorough and objective investigation in the cases of the chemical weapons use on Syrian soil and underlined that it is the United Nations (UN) that has to decide about the responsible side.

However, Ivanov also mentioned the fact that the current “atmosphere of large-scale provocation” makes it very difficult to “prove the truth” regarding of who was behind the chemical weapons attacks in suburbs of the Syrian capital, Damascus. He underlined the importance that the inspectors of the United Nations (UN) have to return to Syria as soon as possible in order to continue their investigation of the chemical weapons use on Syrian soil in other regions of the Arab country, and he added that this also includes the area of Khan al-Assal in the countryside of Aleppo (Halab).

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