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Russia strongly opposes Libyan scenario in Syria

Libyan terrorist killed in Syria

Tunisia and Iran stress the Importance to fight Terrorism in Syria.

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his Tunisian counterpart Moncef Marzouki met on the side-lines of the annual UN General Assembly meeting in New York in order to talk about the Syrian conflict as well as other regional and international developments while the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov stressed in a new statement that Moscow strongly opposes the attempts by some NATO states to repeat the so-called Libyan scenario in Syria.

Of course, there are many meetings and deals on the side-lines of the annual UN General Assembly meeting in New York and it is no surprise that the new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (Hassan Rohani) also met with his Tunisian counterpart, Moncef Marzouki. The Tunisian President and the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said during their meeting in New York that it is important to fight the terrorism in Syria.

Both Presidents from Iran and Tunisia underlined the necessity for fighting the terrorist groups and religious fanatics in Syria because these armed terrorist groups and radicals are a serious threat for the Syrian people and the entire region of the Middle East.

The Tunisian President as well as his Iranian counterpart also said that the terrorism in Syria has to be fought also for the reason to protect the reputation of the Islamic world. Both Presidents of Iran and Tunisia also pointed to the cooperation between Tunis and Tehran in the World Bank and in the International Monetary Fund.

Of course, the both Presidents of Tunisia and Iran also talked about the bilateral relations between Tunis and Tehran and promised to increase the cooperation between the two countries in all fields.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said meanwhile that some member states of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) would try to repeat the so-called Libyan scenario in Syria. The Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia added that Moscow strongly opposes these attempts by some NATO member states to repeat this dangerous and violent Libyan scenario in Syria.

According to the report by Russia Today (RT), Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister said also today in his new statement about the attempts of some NATO states to repeat the Libyan scenario in Syria that there is a group of NATO member states which are violating the principles set by the UN Security Council (UNSC) and try to repeat the events in Libya (Libyan scenario) in Syria.

Looted Libya
Looted Libya

Sergey Ryabkov was cited by Russia Today (RT) with the following statement: “(…) groups of NATO countries are violating the principles set by the UN Security Council and thus trying to repeat the Libyan scenario in Syria.”

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov also underlined in his new statement from today that Moscow strongly opposes such machinations and acts on the international arena. It is to hope that these NATO member states will stop their attempts to repeat the Libyan scenario in Syria.

The Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on International affairs, Alexei Pushkov, said previously that the theory of excellence and double standards adopted by the U.S. administration in Washington is “disgusting in a world that is built on the principles of equality in rights which the United States itself claims defending it”.

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  1. Againdays

    Interesting picture of Libya being an oil tanker on its side. If the USA developed its own natural oil reserves you could watch the whole Mideast dry up into the the sand dunes of history.

  2. Arklight

    Libyan scenario? Well, the US deals in nightmares, so why not? I mean, who in their right mind would want a stable, secular and prosperous country, anyway? Especially one where Muslim Brotherhood people are shot when caught, an immanent release of a Gold Dinar for international trade, no national debt, state of the art hospitals and clinics, new schools and libraries all over the place – – growing enough wheat to supply a fair portion of north Africa; wheat grown on former desert waste irrigated by underground aquaducts with miles of new irrigation construction every year. Yeah, Gaddafi was a bloodthirsty killer – – IF you were Muslim Brother hood, al Qaeda or any one of the other ‘jihadi’ pukes. Every Libyan old enough to work received a government stipend of a thousand USD, equivalent, every month, and if they worked, the wages were gravy, hence the huge numbers of foreign workers in Libya. Why work when you can race camels or whatever? The Libyan scenario is, currently, what used to by The Jewel of North Africa is, now, just another turd in the Arab punchbowl. I’m sure that every other country in the Middle East has the long range goal of becoming just like Libya. Well, except for KSA, of course and Qatar. Never mind Israel, since they haven’t been part of a real world for many years. Been hanging around Uncle Sam for about 40 years too long.


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