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FSA joins Al-Qaeda: Zionist Terrorist Leaders are Stumped

FSA Field Execution in Der Ezzor sponsored by "western democracies"

FSA terrorists in Syria mock their Western-backed “political wing”.

In the wake of their unsuccessful attempt to trigger the desired effect of a U.S. bombing by their false-flag chemical attack, the largest still active terrorist groups of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) have officially united under the leadership of Al Qaeda to an Islamist Front yesterday.

An Islamist Front that rejects the Western puppets of the “Syrian National Coalition” (SNC) and all other “leaders” in exile, and this had the result that the Zionist instigators behind the in Syria still operating terrorists are now characterized by helplessness and the denial of reality.

With the exception of the Al-Qaeda offshoot, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS / ISIL), which is competing with the al-Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra), all essential Western opposition forces in Syria belong to the new Syrian opposition formation now:

From Alloushs chemical weapons-streaked FSA Islam Brigade over the Sham Falcons of the FSA and their cronies of Ahrar ash-Sham to the Tawheed Brigades of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

More embarrassment is hardly possible:

Just at the time as the Zionist regime over France at the UN presented the leader of the “Syrian National Coalition” (SNC) as a supposedly “legitimate government” of Syria, all the forces, which are supposedly represented by this SNC in Syria, have explicitly stated that the “Syrian National Coalition” (SNC) does not represent them and that they would henceforth act together and united under the leadership of Al Qaeda.

“Did the window for arming Syrian rebels just close?,” whines the Zionist warmonger paper “The Washington Post” shocked, while it sees its hope dashed in the wake of the fusion of the rebels under the leadership of Al Qaeda that the Israeli plans for the violent regime change in Syria can still be successful.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Welle (DW / Germany’s international broadcaster) from the Zionist-dominated state Germany reports under a complete denial of reality that the Syrian opposition would have split, although the opposite is true:

The Syrian opposition has – under the leadership of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusrah) – united. And now, this united Syrian opposition seeks the prevention of democracy and the introduction of Sharia law as the sole source of the right in Syria.

The Zionist television news channel N24, based in Germany, is in principle spreading the same same nonsense as Deutsche Welle (DW) under the headline: “Sharia brigades divide the opposition.”

The denial of reality at the radical-Zionist German Hasbara-newspaper “Die Zeit” has almost comic features.

“Die Zeit” urges in the wake of the fusion of the terrorist groups of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) have joined forces under the leadership of Al Qaeda in an Islamic Front under the headline “The West has no Partner in Syria” that it is just now required, due to the merger of the FSA, to supply more weapons to the FSA – and the newspaper has thereby deliberately overlooked that there is practically no “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) anymore in Syria because of the accession of the essential parts of the FSA to the Al-Qaeda-led Islamic Front.

Source: nocheinparteibuch

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  1. Arklight

    Al Qaeda is the ME military wing of the US’ CIA – – has been since al Qaeda was first formed, years ago. That means that CIA is the ‘Boss Hog’ for everyone who combines with al Qaeda, no matter what they call themselves, they are all warts upon the same evil creature. Every time al Qaeda incorporates another group, it grows stronger, and broadens its base for recruitment while streamlining its logistics. This is a very dangerous development, and I’ve no notion why anyone is ‘puzzled’ by it. So long as the internecine warfare was being prosecuted time, energy, manpower and logistical support were, necessarily, running in different channels to distinct destinations but, now, there are fewer, but larger, pipelines. If SAA were smart, it would relay captured weapons to the Kurds who have, so far as I know, no beef with Syria and understand that the various Kurdish enclaves can only survive within the federated framework of the various nations in which they live. While it’s true that the Kurds are not, strictly speaking, ethnic Arabs they are, de jure, Syrians by geographic necessity. Yes, they want to live as Kurds do, with their unique culture and traditions but they are a people who never forget a kindness and would provide a powerful blocking force in the north of Syria; not because they are so in love with Syria, but because Syria gives them a national identity as an addition to their cultural identity as Kurds.

    For those of us whose memories are longer than the time it takes to stuff a chick, al Qaeda did Syria the biggest favor it could ever hope for by attacking the Kurdish enclave in Old Aleppo; remember? The jihadi pigs tried to con the Kurds into coming in with them, but the answer was ‘No. We don’t want any part of this business, so as long as everybody leaves us alone, we’re good.’ Well, gee, can you guess what happened next? al Qaeda attacked the Kurdish neighborhoods and just pushed the Kurds onto Syria on a solid gold platter. About the only thing stupider than that is Syria high hatting the Kurds for the simple reason that they are different, and just want to be left alone – – throw away a very, very powerful ally over fly shit? Now, so far as I know the Kurds haven’t asked for any help from the SAA which is good, because SAA has its hands more than full as it is; by the same token, the Kurds haven’t asked for weapons and certainly won’t kiss government ass to get them but, if SAA just forwarded captured enemy weapons, I think I can almost guarantee that the Kurds would never forget the boost, and wouldn’t turn the weapons against SAA without a thundering great provocation. Syria is fighting for its very existence; not fighting for its life but for its existence, which is a whole other thing. Syria does not, and never could have, the force required to secure the north, even if SAA was invited in, so just lay off the STUPID pills, grow a couple of brain cells, and let the Kurds have what they need. The plain fact is, that they are defending Syria by extension while they are defending their own homes and families. Don’t worry – – if Syria doesn’t make a good move in relation to the Kurds they will arm and equip themselves from captured enemy stocks and kick jihadi ass in self defense, but they will have no good opinion of Syria, and I can’t blame them. They will never, I’m sure, want to climb in the sack with Syria, but they’d be good for ‘a smile and a howdy’, much to be preferred over an energetically flipped bird.

  2. Arklight

    Hi, Mohammad. We try not to put out too much froth, but concentrate on substantive content. Sometimes it’s hard to do, I know, but just sit back, take a deep breath, and give us something substantive to think about and discuss; personally, I’d be happy to just get rid of the ratbastards in the entities you mention, rather than scorch the earth. Anyway, welcome to the forum.

  3. Mikel

    Arklight.A very well written articule and it opened my eyes to an option that I had over looked.Syria must remain and the FSA, al-Qaeda, al-Nursa front must all die and go back to their hell.


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