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real news from syria syrian government supporters are primary targets of fsas wahhabi al qaeda terror in syria

Syrian Government Supporters are Primary Targets of FSA’s Wahhabi al-Qaeda Terror in Syria 
The new Western-backed and Gulf-backed Syrian “opposition” coalition is now seeking official recognition from abroad, and aims to administer the flow of funds and potentially arms to terrorists of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). But the anti-Assad forces may see direct assistance from foreign troops, as British top general David Richards has said hundreds of UK troops could be deployed to Syria if “the humanitarian situation worsens” within the next few months.

Meanwhile, fears are mounting that Islamist Wahhabi FSA fighters affiliated with al-Qaeda are increasingly targeting civilians, especially minorities, for simply showing allegiance to the government, as Maria Finoshina explains.

The FSA had issued lists of pro-government artists and other influential Syrian figures that are assassination targets.

Source: RussiaToday (RT)

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