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Syria News 24 11 2012 Al-Assad: Syria’s National Dialogue Will Success as With Combating Terrorism

President al-Assad Stresses Syria’s Keenness on Making National Dialogue a Success and Combating Terrorism )
* Terrorist Attack against the Palestinian Front’s Camp in Damascus Countryside Carried out by Mossad in Revenge for Tel Aviv Operation
* Terrorists, including al-Qaeda Snipers and Jabhat al-Nusra Members, Killed in Several Areas 
* Syria Condemns Turkish Government’s Demand to Deploy Patriot Missiles on Syrian-Turkish Borders
* Palestine Submits Compliant to UN Security Council as Israeli Occupation Violates Ceasefire in Gaza
* Lavrov to Rasmussen: Moscow Worried over the Deployment of Patriot Missiles on Syrian-Turkish Borders
* Mehmanparast: Deploying Patriot Missiles on Turkish-Syrian Borders Complicates Situation
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