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real news from syria breaking news update november 24 2012

Egypt: clashes initiate between demonstrators and the police in the surroundings of the Qasr al-Aini
 November 24, 2012    6:55 PM
Al-Shaar: the electricity will be right again starting tomorrow
 November 24, 2012    6:06 PM
Al-Mayadeen: news say the deputy Egyptian president Mahmoud Makki has resigned
 November 24, 2012    5:50 PM
Damascus: the attack resulted in two martyrs and 3 injuries of the Syrian soldiers
 November 24, 2012    5:43 PM
Damascus: militants fire a mortar shell on a checkpoint for Syrian Army on Mezza highway
 November 24, 2012    5:41 PM
Egypt: alliesfor Mursi attempt to break into the Courthouse and gunfire is heard
 November 24, 2012    5:33 PM
Edlib: insurgents open fire on a house in Areeha, what resulted in a female martyr
 November 24, 2012    1:12 PM
Our correspondent in Edlib: 13 gunmen have been killed in striking their den in Taftanaz
 November 24, 2012    12:06 PM
Our correspondent in Aleppo: Syrian Army moves forward in the last parts of al-Layramoun and kills many gunmen
 November 24, 2012    11:14 AM
Lattakia Countryside: insurgents who attacked a military area in al-Furollok forests have been killed
 November 24, 2012    11:01 AM
Al-Safeer: Brahimi will suggest a plan that guarantees an only government and does not afflict the Presidency
 November 24, 2012    9:00 AM
Deir Ezzor: militants including Sa’eed al-Satem, has been killed in clashes with Syrian Army in al-Jbeileh
 November 24, 2012    8:55 AM
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