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Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Destroy Damascus International Airport Electricity Power Transformers

When freedom is sought by destroying all of the economy you know you are not dealing with ‘freedom fighters’ or normal human beings, you are dealing with mercenary terrorists serving the enemies of the country.
Al Qaeda FSA terrorists aka Hillary Clinton’s favorable payees from US taxpayers dollars, destroy electricity power transformers feeding the civilian and commercial Damascus International Airport cutting electricity off it and endangering the lives of hundreds of passengers on commercial airlines landing and taking off the airport.
No thanks to citizens in the western countries namely: USA, UK, France, Germany and their stooges in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey among others for favoring these terrorists over their own citizens and financing such terrorist operations under whatever guise they say, their end project the New World Order is their dream and that will remain a dream and all your money you paid will be registered as your sins and will go in drains.

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria and around the world, not by western intelligent post office dubbed activists.
– Each piece of news is the responsibility of the person posting it.
– Analysis & articles are the opinions of the persons posting it.

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