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Qusayr: Syrian Army has Full Control of al-Daba’a Airport

Qussayr City

According to the latest news about the battles in the area of the strategic important border town of al-Qusayr, which is located at the Syrian border to the neighboring country Lebanon, the unit of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have finally taken the full control of the airport of al-Daba as the fightings continue.

In addition, it is stated in some reports, that the troops of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) are removing more and more foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists from day to day now and that it presses ahead in order to finally liberate al-Daba and especially al-Qusayr completely from the foreign-backed Islamists and uneducated, armed thugs. Not to mention the religious fanatics and the Hariri thugs in this area, while the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah fights alongside the Syrian army against those criminals and terrorists – and this for a good reason.

This reason and stance of Hezbollah should make more Arabs think about it and their brainwashed stance on the event in Syria, which is finally nothing else than a proxy-war, carried out by foreign powers and the dangerous Muslim Brotherhood that is only interested in worldly goals. Not to mention the both totalitarian dictatorships and human rights abusers Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

According to further reports on the situation of the battle of al-Qusayr, the Syrian army units are now finally in control of about 80 percent of this important strategic town near the border to Lebanon. In addition, more and more supply routes of the foreign-backed terrorists get cut off and eliminated – a serious problem for the foreign masterminds and the armed terrorists within Syria.

Qussayr City
Qussayr City

The Syrian province of Homs still remains a strategic gain for either side because of its location which connects the Syrian capital Damascus to the Mediterranean coast, which is also an important area for Syria.

It is further mentioned in some reports on the current events in Syria that several units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) managed it to retake the full control of several important districts and buildings in al-Qusayr. For example, an unit of the Syrian army has managed it successfully to retake the control of the headquarter of the Ba`ath Party in the Syrian town of al-Qusayr.

Also the clean-up operations in the suburbs of the Syrian capital are still carried out. Heavy clashes between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the foreign-backed al-Qaeda thugs, religious fanatics and armed strangers were reported in Beit Sahm and Sidi Meqdad, both located in the suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus.

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