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Syria: Assad to Stay at Post as Syrian President until 2014

image-Bashar Al Assad

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will stay at his post as the President of Syria until the end of his current term, which will end in 2014. This is what the known Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem has recently told the television channel Al-Mayadeen as reply to the question about the term of the Syrian President al-Assad.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem has also told the television channel Al-Mayadeen on Wednesday, that the current Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will probably again run in the next presidential elections in Syria, but this is no real surprise because there is no equal alternative for this post in Syria.

All sides, may it be the government side or the internal opposition parties and even the staged external opposition(s) of traitors and jihadists, have missed it since years to build-up a successor for the post of the Syrian president and the time after Bashar al-Assad. There is simple no replacement who is accepted by more than the half of the Syrian people. In addition, if one asks individual Syrians within Syria, they might tell you that either Bashar al-Jaafari or Walid Muallem could follow Bashar al-Assad.

While Walid Muallem is probably no real option due to some reasons, the option of Bashar Jaafari as successor of Bashar al-Assad is truly interesting, although it is to believe that if Bashar al-Assad will again participate and run in the upcoming presidential elections in Syria, he will win these elections again – without any scams in these elections.

The Foreign Minister of Syria, Walid Muallem, has meanwhile blamed the so-called external opposition that they put forward the conditions for the upcoming conference on Syria in Geneva (Geneva-2). The external staged opposition exactly puts forward the conditions for their participation in this upcoming conference in Geneva, which is organized by Moscow and Washington.

President Bashar Al-Assad
President Bashar Al-Assad

Syria’s Foreign Minister Muallem refused in his interview with the television station Al-Mayadeen the demand of the staged external Syrian opposition that Bashar al-Assad has to resign and disappear before the start of any debates and dialogue between them and the Syrian government in the capital Damascus.

Muallem finally stated that the Syrian government will participate in the conference on Syria in Geneva (Geneva-2 / Geneva II) without any preconditions, but that the Syrian government expects further details and these further details should be mentioned soon. The delegation of the Syrian government, which will be sent to Geneva for this next conference on Syria, will be announced soon. Walid Muallem hopes that this next conference in Geneva will be a real opportunity to finally end the conflict within Syria.

All agreements, so Muallem, that will be reached as results of the conference in Geneva, will be put up for a general referendum in Syria. In the end of the interview, the Foreign Minister of Syria has accused the U.S. administration of “a blatant interference” in the Syrian domestic affairs and thus in the affairs of the sovereign country. Of course, Walid Muallem is correct with his statement about the violation(s) of international law by the United States. He also stated the finally well-known phrase of “only Syrians will decide on their fate themselves”.

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