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North Korea: Another Sacrifice Made For Big Business

United Nations - UN - UnFair

The “Security Council” of the United Nations (UNSCR) voted for new sanctions on the DPRK (commonly known as “North Korea”).

The elitist club of three imperialistic nations – USA, UK, France – have again proven themselves to care least for people who suffer from their decisions – but for profit and keeping their own stake in the field, keeping the control over the dispensable “rest of the world”, i.e. 7 billion human lives. And Russia and China again joined them, sacrificing another peaceful nation for the sake of own “interests”.

Russia and China, both eager to keep their contracts and billion-profit-deals with the terroristic West, have again thrown a sovereign country to the claws of the beast.

Just a reminder: SANCTIONS are an act of WAR.

It does not matter whether or not the terroristic West imposes sanctions on peaceful people under the umbrella of the non-worthy joke “United Nations” (UN) which has effectively proven itself to be a lackey of Western imperialism.

We have to remember that Russia and China, without any need, have sacrificed the DPRK and her people to the greedy West just for their own benefit and interests. This is to be taken in consideration when, later, the two leaders, Putin and XI, will bark about “USA was not entitled to kill the leader”, like Putin did on Gaddafi after Russia had helped the Western terroristic alliance NATO to impose genocide on the Libyan people.

The DPRK is just the next victim, without any need being sacrificed to the greedy imperialistic terrorists in Washington (and EU-Europe). China and Russia want to keep their relations with the beloved “partners in the west” (Putin) by handling over the fate of millions of innocent people to the mass-murdering psychopaths in Washington D.C.!

By this, China and Russia again prove to follow short-sighted objectives and are willing to sacrifice everyone for their interests. Putin and Xi appear to be blind for the consequences. The killers in Washington now lick blood and, thus, will ask for more and more blood, later. By sacrificing the sovereignty of smaller nations (remember Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Syria???) to pamper the God of Greed, Russia and China will only weaken their own position, strengthen the terrorist and, in the end, lose their own case.

It is about time that the smaller nations finally abandon the idea (created by the west as a tool of control and dominance) that they have to attach to a superpower to be protected. The smaller nations, i.e. ARE in fact the absolute majority of nations and peoples on this planet. Why should they continue to bow under the few terroristic nations ruling them, taking their wealth, resources, lives? The smaller nations should unite and form a bloc of strength that must be capable to counter any aggressor. This does not necessarily mean that this bloc should become a military superpower – that would not work. Instead, the bloc of smaller nations could act united by, for instance, stopping the supply of resources to aggressors, or refuse aggressors the right to use their air space or their infrastructure. Financial losses would be compensated by a fund within the bloc, without any chance for IMF-, Rothschild- or Goldman-Sachs-interference.

The possibilities of a united bloc protecting their peoples and, hence, peace, are millions. The Non-Aligned-Movement could be revitalized and become this bloc. Nations like Iran could play a major, constructive role in this movement.

I admit that such a movement to build a non-aligned force of nations by now is not even a project, more a dream. But who says that dreams can’t become the power-plant of future events?

image-NATO vs China, Russia, Iran, North Korea..
NATO vs China, Russia, Iran, North Korea..

The author, born 1964, is a German historian and political scientist.


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