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Navy Seals & Al Qaeda Brothers in Arms!


Don’t be shocked to see an AS-50 sniper rifle in the hands of Al Qaeda FSA terrorists fighting the Syrian people, their Syrian state and their Syrian Army, the SAA. At the very beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Syrian authorities confiscated sniper rifles worth of $25,000 each with a remote control system attached to a laptop, a satellite connection and a thermal scope..

British made AS-50 sniper rifle
British made AS-50 sniper rifle

British made AS-50 is meant to be used by British special forces & US Navy Seals, and of course Al Qaeda FSA Wahhabi Sex Jihadists.

Support Obama’s gun control law, you are in safe hands: Navy Seals & Al Qaeda Brothers in Arms!

Enjoy a member of so called: Ahfad Rasoul or Prophet’s Grandsons, just a biblical name for criminal mercenaries to delude the Sheeple, sniping people with the state of the art rifle used by their brothers in arms:

Ahmad Moath Khatib, Chief of Nusra Front or Al Qaeda Levant mentioned at the last Arab Summit in Doha, Qatar, that they are not embarrassed to announce they received $365 million in direct aid from the USA, despite a US official was embarrassed, as he put it.

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  1. Oswald Spengler

    The main suspect to operate these rifles are blackwater and the like mercs.Blackwater is nothing more than the military arm of the cia . operators if it should not be waste of money are highly trained specialists not the usual cannonfodder wahabi dupes.It can either be remotely operated or manually.These guns are designed to shoot and hit about 0,75 to 1 Mile.A .50 BMG caliber is used to gain distance from the target as protection and/or penetrated hardend targets.Any operator – remotely or manually needs profound knowledge of ballistics – distance, wind, temperature,slope angel,barometric pressure, coreolis effect hence he needs to operate a laptop or a palmtop with a ballistic programm, a gps system, a slope tool, a barometric tool, a laser range finder.All the data the sniper/spotter gathers needs to be put into a ballistic solution therefore the pool of people that can operate these guns in field conditions is very small and the personal needs 8 to 12 years of experience in spec forces such as SAS,Navy Seals,SBS,Legion Etrangere CRAP.Normal snipers in western forces are usually trained to operate the AW or Remington 700 Systems in .300 Win.Mag or .308 win.By no way can the FSA snipers use these rifles properly.The SAA uses Dragunovs and SSG 69 and thats true for most arab countries so the operators must be western specialists – most likely mercs for the purpose of deniability if somebody got killed or caught.

  2. Oswald Spengler

    Having seen the video of the FSA on youtube it is clear that the guy who shoots the rifle is a complete amateur.First of all the bipod rests on a hard surface wich is a no go and will make the rifle bounce off, second there is no spotter and no equipment and third the scope is not a high class one needed such as a Schmidt and Bender for long range shooting- its a cheap asian scope and last a real sniper fires one shot from a firing position and he conceals himself.That is pure propaganda.Of course the real operators would hand out these fake cover

    • Oswald Spengler

      "each with a remote control system attached to a laptop, a satellite connection and a thermal scope." and whats that for , for antimaterial use ;-) ? Thats nonsense.That equipment is used for hit missions against high value targets.The .50 bmg slap can penetrate the BMP at around 500 to 600 m if the bullet body does not bounce off.For these missions you dont need that type of equipment.A periscope can be smashed by a normal DM Rifle as a Romak PSL or Dragunov or a Bolt Action SSG 69.That is not a rifle for front line troops, this a state of the art spec ops rifle.

      • Arabi Souri

        Oswald, those with remote control equipment were confiscated in urban areas like in Baba Amro and some places in Daraa during the first months. It was placed in dense residential neighborhoods and took lots of lives.

        Btw, Al Qaeda managed to detonate cars packed with explosives and driven by remote control as well from a bit over 1 kilometer distance. They had videos posted on YouTube showing such cars.

        • Oswald Spengler

          i need a picture where it was found and some information about the targets and then i can make some evalutions.To be sure – long range shooting can also be performed in dense urban areas – for example along major roads but the way you describe their use makes perfectly sense for psychological warfare, the warfare of deathsquadrons – to induce terror into hearts and minds of the population to look them up in arrested behavior.Shock and awe.Thats really degraded.Remotely controlled makes sense if the operator is somewhere outside of syria and the shooting is coordinated to archieve maxiumum psychological effect, also to prevent the operator to be captured or killed.Thank you very much for this information.This needs to be spread.


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