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Syria: No Taxes for Iranian Fuel, Gas and Oil Imports


The Syrian government in the capital Damascus has issued a tax and duty exemption on the fuel, oil and gas imports from Iran yesterday. This tax and duty exemption on the imports of Iranian oil, fuel and gas will last until June 30, 2013 – However, this period could be extended well then.

The Syrian cabinet has decided in a meeting in Damascus to issue such an exclusive exemption on the customs and taxes on the imports of oil, gas and fuel imports from Iran until the end of June, 2013, according to the state news agency SANA, which has reported this on Tuesday.

Of course, it is no surprise that there is a sharp decrease in the oil production in Syria as a result of the on-going conflict and the terrorism and attacks of the armed religious fanatics, mercenaries and jihadists.

While the radical Islamists are spreading in the ranks of these armed fighters in Syria and groups of these so-called Syrian rebels have already begun to fight each other, the people who do suffer are the Syrian civilians. Not only that the Syrian civilians are living under the threats to be tortured, kidnapped or killed by these armed Islamists and strangers of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), Al-Nusra-Front and all other radical groups who are fighting against the Syrian Arab army and the government in Damascus, but they also have to pay more and more money for vital goods.

In addition, the armed militants and foreign-backed terrorists have also targeted Syrian oil and gas pipelines with explosives since a long time. For example, the pipelines in Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria, the pipelines in the Syrian city of Homs and near Banias, located on the Mediterranean coast of Syria.

Trucks with oil, gas and fuel have also been targeted often while they were on the roads and had no protection by any escort protection. Of course, some of these trucks and tankers have been looted by the armed militants, too.

The violence, chaos and terrorism in Syria is orchestrated by foreign countries and Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi-Arabia are still trying to boost and fuel the turmoil in Syria – with the help of certain Western governments and the Turkish regime, of course.

The money comes from the Gulf States; the orders come from the US administration and the Zionists. The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) is helping the armed Islamists and terrorists since a long time and also other Western intelligence agencies do the same. There are training camps for religious fanatics and mercenaries who want to fight in Syria. These training camps are, for example, in Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey and even in Egypt.

Many Syrians have been killed since the crisis broke out in Syria in March 2011, including large numbers of Syrian soldiers, policemen and security personnel, but also many Syrian civilians.

While the allegedly democratic European Union (EU) and the US administration have adopted more and more sanctions against Syria and also adopted sanctions on the oil imports from Syria and restrictions on the trade and financial agreements for Syria, the repercussions of the on-going violence, terrorism and proxy war have deeply affected the Syrian people.

Hundreds of thousands in Syria are suffering from a lack of shelter, food, water, electricity and medical assistance. In the days before the outbreak of the proxy war in Syria, the Syrian economy was able to produce about 400,000 barrels of oil per day. This production has dropped by half since the outbreak of this foreign-sponsored terrorism and violence.

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  1. Rafael

    I'm so relieved, I mean our oil fields were burned because we support Iran, so it just makes sense that we exempt them from all taxes.


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