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NATO’s Al Qaeda and ISIS Terrorists Celebrating with NATO’s Kurdish SDF

NATO's Al Qaeda and NATO's Kurdish SDF Commemorate the beginning of Destroying Syria - عملاء الناتو القاعدة وقسد يحتفلون بذكرى البدء بتدمير سورية

NATO’s collection of terrorists is always weird, one wonders how would terrorists from the filthiest subhuman degenerate anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi radicals be coordinating hand in hand with a Marxist ultra secular ‘democratic’ forces their attacks on Syria, the last secular country in the region and way beyond?

Then looking at Ukraine, one stands very confused on how a former Soviet Union communist country with an overwhelming majority of Christians, and in particular Orthodox Christians, accepts to have a regime installed for them by the USA and that regime comprises of a Jewish president, prime minister, minister of defense, and minister of culture, who in turn support Europe’s most radical racist anti-humanity Nazis?

What are the odds of that same Jewish President of Ukraine calling on the ‘freedom fighters’ of the world, now they’ll be called the ‘Foreign Legion’, to come and save his Nazi regime when his own people refused to do so knowing very well that the backbones of all ‘freedom fighters’ organized by NATO member state Turkey will be of Al Qaeda and its ISIS offshoot?!

To add further confusion, how come none of the Jihadists, Marxists, former communists and now Orthodox Christians, and ‘freedom fighters’, not a single one of them considers Israel as an enemy, when it embodies everything they claim they fight against? On the contrary, the major support these ‘freedom fighters’ get is from the US’s welfare queen Israel.

The above can be easily broken down when looking at the handler of all these groups of mercenary fighters without looking at the labels, banners, insignias, titles, and all branding materials they carry or call themselves, they’ll all lead to the same founder, financier, and logistical coordinator, who happens to be the USA, the Saudi and Qatari ruling families, and the Turkish regime of madman Erdogan; the USA did admit they created Al Qaeda, there is plenty of evidence confirming the USA also split Al Qaeda into smaller pieces one of which is ISIS, the Saudis and Qataris alone spent 138 billion dollars between early 2011 and May 2017 to finance the ‘freedom fighters’ in Syria as per the former Qatari prime minister, and the most convenient conduit for the free movement of tens of thousands of terrorists, sorry, freedom fighters go through NATO member state Turkey under the Erdogan’s Muslim Brotherhood regime.

The latest celebrations in the Syrian city of Raqqa joining NATO’s two opposing allies, the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists (aka PKK, PYD, YPG) and the Al Qaeda in Idlib (aka HTS, ISIS, Jabhat Nusra, FSA, Sultan Murad, Hamzat, Faylaq Sham…) commemorating what they called the beginning of the Syrian revolution is further evidence that all the fratricide and clashes among each one of the aforementioned groups and each other one of them was only over spoils of war and territories control and that at the end their handler is NATO which in turn is unilaterally led by the United States of America.

The following report by Dima Nassif for Al Mayadeen news channel adds more information about this ‘celebration’ and the US’s efforts to add further pressure on the Syrian people taking advantage of what it thinks is Russia’s preoccupation in Ukraine:

The video is also available on YouTube and BitChute.

Transcript of the above video report:

Did Washington succeed when Moscow became preoccupied with its war in Ukraine?

Perhaps this scene of the flag of the Syrian opposition alongside the flag of the Autonomous Administration (Kurds) for the first time reflects this, albeit in part. The celebration of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the commemoration of the so-called Syrian revolution does not seem separate from a long context in which the United States has endeavored to bring the views of its opposing allies closer.

The new behavior of the SDF was not limited to raising the two flags but rather exceeded it to the speech (content). Here, a meeting that included a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council and the so-called Green Idlib Council (Al-Qaeda in the Levant) discussed what the meeting described as correcting the course of the revolution coinciding with the anniversary of its launch, which was never recognized by the Syrian Kurds.

Al-Mayadeen TV sources indicate that Washington aims to open channels and trade exchanges between the SDF and the areas under the control of armed groups, rather than with the Syrian state, which increases pressure on Damascus and deepens the repercussions of Caesar’s law, from which Washington excluded SDF areas.

Politically, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Ethan Goldrich was delegated to discuss the political solution with the President of the Executive Board of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, on the basis of UN references, as for the field, Washington is intensifying its military reinforcements, 4 batches of weapons arrived at the American bases in the Syrian east within one month, and more than 1,200 ISIS terrorists were transferred from the Al-Shaddadi and Deir Ezzor countryside prisons towards east and north of Hasaka.

It seems that Washington is taking advantage of the international moment to enable it to put more pressure on Damascus politically and economically, reassured to what it considers Russia’s preoccupation. The matter remains contingent on questions, most notably how Washington will be able to persuade Ankara to float the SDF and what are Syria, Russia, and the allies preparing to thwart the US counterattack.

Dima Nassif, Damascus – Al-Mayadeen

End of the video transcript.

If someone still has any doubts about the reality of all these terrorist groups and their work to serve the United States in ‘spreading democracy’ and ‘freedoms’ around the world in order to establish ‘modern states’ that ‘respect the rule of law’, all of which are basics US citizens and citizens of NATO member countries missing, if someone still has any of such doubts, please stop following the news and find a hobby, fishing is usually good, knitting is also something armchair analysts can excel at.

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