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microsoft details skydrive windows 8 1

Microsoft SkyDrive / Windows 8.1

With the forthcoming update of its current operating system Windows 8, Microsoft also wants to improve its SkyDrive cloud solution. A special feature should become placeholders for the cloud data in order to save local disk space and the bandwidth.

In the corporate blog by Microsoft, the SkyDrive manager Mona Akmal explains the new features by the use of some examples: So just the basic information of SkyDrive files, such as thumbnails, are saved on the local storage medium.

This means, one is still able to manage his files as usual after the implementation of this new feature in SkyDrive. But a complete download only takes place when files are actually meant to be processed in detail.

So, a photo directory, which in reality uses 5.6 gigabyte storage at SkyDrive , will then shrink by the use of this new feature in Windows 8.1 on the local machine to a size of about 185 megabytes.

A quick viewing of the documents and files is still possible, as larger thumbnails will be preloaded by this feature. According to the information by Akmal, by the use of this new approach in Windows 8.1 for the SkyDrive implementation up to 95 percent of space that had previously been occupied by data duplication on your Windows PC or tablet can be saved.

In addition, there will be significant improvements for the offline mode in SkyDrive. With Windows 8.1, it will get better synchronized in the background of the system, necessary steps would then be continued later when the internet connection was previously lost for some reasons.

It should also become more intuitive and easier to determine which files should be kept for offline processing on the local device. Microsoft has already published screenshots about this SkyDrive update (Windows 8.1):

Further improvements should be the advanced interactions between Windows Apps with SkyDrive and the search function in the Windows operating system. As far as technically possible, according to the blog entry at the corporate blog of Microsoft, all its new features are not only meant to be for the desktops and tablet pcs, but will then also be available on Windows Phone and the Web Interface of SkyDrive.

Some of this published information at the blog of Microsoft was already known 8.1 in connection with the released preview of Windows 8.1 some weeks ago.

For Microsoft, the cloud service is one of the topics where the guys from Redmond started late to compete with other providers such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and others – of course, Microsoft wants to improve their cloud service SkyDrive and become one of the best alternatives or even the best alternative, also by the wide spread of Windows..

So far, there is no information about the confidentiality of data at Microsoft SkyDrive in future. This question was not yet answered by the published information until now.

At Google, they want to implement a better privacy in the cloud by the use of encryption and are already testing several solutions for Google Drive. Mega (Kim Dotcom) wants to use a similar technic, just a bit more radical, and at Amazon, they are currently promoting their encryption techniques for their cloud very offensive.

In view of extensive espionage programs such as PRISM, more and more Internet users have a bad feeling to store their data in the cloud services of American IT giants and to save their personal files and documents on foreign servers.

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