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nokia rx114 tablet windows

Nokia RX-114: Tablet with Windows 8.1 RT?

Nokia soon sells a tablet pc with Windows 8.1 RT?

Whether the alleged Nokia RX-114 tablet with Windows 8.1 RT, which appears on some pictures now, is really a device that the consumers are able to buy soon is still questionable because the alleged Nokia RX-114 tablet pc could also be again just an internal prototype by the Finnish manufacturer Nokia.

However, since this alleged Nokia RX-114 tablet is said to be equipped with 4G and to run with Windows 8.1 RT, it is certainly a newer device and would match the last rumours about a Nokia tablet.

In addition, a recently emerged benchmark already implied such a tablet by Nokia. It just remains questionable why Nokia then uses Windows 8.1 RT and not the normal version of Windows 8.1 from Microsoft due to the situation that Windows 8 RT was not really a huge deal (success).

According to the latest news from Microsoft, Windows 8.1 will be available at several markets in Europe and markets in other regions from the 18th of October. So, the rumours about a new Nokia tablet pc with Windows 8.1 RT that is shortly before its release on some markets are not far-fetched.

In addition, further rumours suggest that Nokia will sell their new Windows 8.1 RT tablet initially over the American provider Verizon. However, as stated above, it remains to be seen whether this tablet with Windows 8.1 RT is then going to be a success for the Finnish manufacturer.

Nokia RX-114: Tablet with Windows 8.1 RT?
Nokia RX-114: Tablet with Windows 8.1 RT?

So if all the rumours are true and if the benchmark was correct, the upcoming Nokia RX-114 tablet will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800-SoC in addition to a Adreno 330 GPU. The display resolution of the Nokia RX-114 tablet is said to be 1371×771 pixels. At least, according to the recently emerged benchmark.

Other sources said about the Nokia RX-114 tablet that it will feature a display with a 1080p-resolution. These sources also stated that the new tablet from Nokia will have around 32GB of internal storage and a USB3.0 slot – next to its microHDMI port.

However, I do not know more about this tablet by Nokia until now. In case you have questions, just use the comment form.

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