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Soccer / Football

PFA: Israel denied entry of Arab youth teams to Palestine. Palestine urges FIFA exclusion of Israel.

The Palestinian Football Association (PFA) accused Israel of having refused the entry of several Arab youth teams to Palestine and demands the exclusion of Israel by the FIFA (International Federation of Association Football).

The Palestinian Football Association (PFA) has called on FIFA to exclude Israel from the Football (Soccer) World Association. The information says that Israel has denied the entry for several Arab soccer youth teams into Palestinian territory.

PFA President Jibril al-Rujub said in Ramallah yesterday that the Palestinian Football Association demands the exclusion of Israel from the World Association. The PFA President Jibril al-Rujub further said that they have “call on the FIFA red card” because the “yellow card” was already shown “long enough.”

The Palestinian Football Association (Arabic: الاتحاد الفلسطيني لكرة القدم‎) is the main soccer (football) body in the Palestinian territory and also for the national soccer team of Palestine.

According to the statements made by PFA President Jibril al-Rujub in Ramallah yesterday, several young soccer players and officials were unable to travel to the West Asia U17 Championship because Israel has denied their entry. The West Asia U17 Championship should begin in Palestine on Thursday.

The PFA President Jibril al-Rujub said in Ramallah that three coaches from Jordan, two officials of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well as 13 young soccer players and several officials of the Iraqi team were affected. According to Jibril al-Rujub, the PFA (Palestinian Football Association) will not accept compromises by the FIFA in regards of this inexplicable denial of entry.

Already in last month, FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter made a so-called Middle East tour. On his Middle East tour, the FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter called on both soccer organizations to increase their cooperation.

Joseph S. Blatter also asked the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for help, although somebody such as Joseph Blatter should know that such enquiries in direction of the Prime Minister of the Israeli regime are worthless and a waste of time.

Soccer / Football
Soccer / Football

However, the FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) is, simple said, just another international organization and tries to maintain its image as a neutral association for the international soccer. In the past, the cooperation of the two associations had been made difficult by political decisions.

For example, the Palestinian soccer player (footballer) Mahmoud Sarsak was arrested in Israel on suspicion of terrorism in the past year. The case had caused a worldwide stir.

However, Israel is still allowed to do what it wants and it does not matter if it happens in terms of soccer or such arrests and the further occupation of more Palestinian territories. That Palestine urges FIFA exclusion of Israel comes as no surprise. However, it will not happen..

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