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Mobile Office Suite by Microsof

Google Play Store lists Mobile Office App by Microsoft.

Microsoft brings the known Microsoft Office Suite with Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile and Excel Mobile on Google’s mobile operating system Android. However, a condition is that you own a smartphone running Android, because tablet pcs are not (yet) supported by the Mobile Office App from Microsoft.

The Android user also needs an Office 365 subscription in order to be in a position to download and use the Microsoft Office Mobile App for the Android operating system on his phone. Although Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, and PowerPoint Mobile make give a good impression, not many Android users will currently be in the position to use the new Mobile Office Suite by Microsoft on their smartphones running Android.

With Microsoft Office Mobile for Android, the users are now able to view and edit Word documents on their smartphones or to create spreadsheets and presentations with PowerPoint or Excel Mobile. However, for the download and use of the Mobile Office Suite by Microsoft for the mobile operating system Android by Google, the user will need a paid subscription for Office 365 in addition to the Mobile Office app for Android.

The cheapest subscription for MS Office 365 is around 99 euros a year. At least, the user also gets a desktop version of the Microsoft Office suite with such a subscription of Office 365 and now also the access to the Mobile Office suite for Android by Microsoft.

The Mobile Office Suite by Microsoft at the Google Play Store provides the access to the documents of a user from anywhere and on the go, of course. However, one should not expect the same functionality in the Mobile Office app for Android on his smartphone like he knows it from the desktop version of Microsoft Office.

Mobile Office Suite by Microsof
Mobile Office Suite by Microsof

In addition, the files and documents are synchronized by SkyDrive or SharePoint and the edition of documents, spreadsheets and presentations is also possible when being offline with the Android device.

It is to mention that the actual editing options are limited to a minimum in the new Mobile Office App by Microsoft for Android. Larger documents, spreadsheets, or bigger presentations are a problem. However, the most users are probably not interested to edit larger documents on their smartphone and as mentioned, the Mobile Office App by Microsoft for Android is not yet really available for tablets running the mobile operating system by Google.

At least, the Mobile Office app is useful for the correcting, editing, or commenting of documents and spreadsheets.

Google Play Store: Microsoft Mobile Office

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