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Germany Security Guards Mistreated Refugees

Prison Example

The recent report from Germany about the treating of refugees at several refugee centers in North Rhine-Westphalia sounds like stories from Guantanamo or other U.S. jailhouses. According to the report by the German newspaper Spiegel, private security guards have allegedly harassed and humilated several refugees in more than just one refugee center in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The public prosecutor’s office is already investigating these reports about the humiliations of refugees by security guards in Germany. Even the police president of the German city of Hagen already compares the events to those in the prison camps of the United States, such as, for example, Guantanamo.

The Ministry of Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia and the police were alarmed by a photo that shows two men in uniform standing in front of a person who is lying face down on the floor. The man on the floor is handcuffed on the picture. One of the two persons in uniform has put his right foot on the neck of the poor man who is lying on the floor in front of them. Furthermore, the both persons in uniform, who are certainly private security guards at a refugee center in North Rhine-Westphalia, do grin in the photo.

As said, some of the investigators already said that the photo from a refugee center in North Rhine-Westphalia reminds them of the pictures from U.S. prison camps, which showed the abuse and torture of detainees. Not to mention that similar inhuman photos became publicly from the already famous prison of Abu Ghraib in Iraq. These photos from Abu Ghraib showed similiar scenes with U.S. guards who had tortured and humilated many prisoners. Now, similiar horrible scenes appear on pictures from refugee centers in Germany.

As said, the two uniformed persons are certainly employees of a private security service, while the handcuffed person on the floor is probably one of the asylum seeker in North Rhine-Westphalia. According to the reports, the above mentioned photo shows a scene from a refugee camp in Burbach, Siegerland.

The prosecutor’s office and the police of the German city of Siegen showed the photo during a press conference yesterday. For example, the police chief Mr Richter from the city of Hagen also said during this press conference that “These are images that are otherwise only known from Guantanamo.” According to the statements by the police and the prosecutor’s office in North Rhine-Westphalia, there are further reports of several bodily harm, which are related to this case. Four suspects are currently under investigation with the accusation of a grievous bodily harm against refugee seekers.

There are no signs for a xenophobic background according to the statements. Therefore, the private security guards “just” misused their power above the refugees in these refugee camps in North Rhine-Westphalia and seeing them grin on this photo mentioned above probably underlines that they even have enjoyed it.

The photo and further information is available in the report by the German magazine “Der Spiegel.” It is to assume that the English edition of this famous but biased German magazine will soon feature this story, too.

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