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nokia bandit smartphone 1080p

Nokia Lumia 625

Nokia Bandit: Windows Phone-device with a 6-inch display.

Nokia is already testing a new smartphone with the code name “Bandit” and the new Windows Phone-device by the Finnish manufacturer will have a large 6-inch Full-HD display, according to the report by the known magazine The Verge. The “Nokia Bandit” is currently in the testing phase and the Windows Phone-device with its 6-inch screen is said to appear later this year.

Of course, the Nokia “Bandit” will be released with the latest version of the mobile operating system Windows Phone by Microsoft and this underlines the situation that the new smartphone from Finland could be the first Windows Phone-device with a 1080p-resolution and screen because the latest Windows Phone-version is the version of Windows Phone with a support for 1080p-displays as well as the support for quad-core processors.

With the GDR3 update for Windows Phone by Microsoft, the rumours about the so-called Nokia Bandit smartphone can be true, and thus, the Nokia Bandit will certainly feature a Full-HD screen (1080p) as well as it will have a quad-core processor under its hood. In addition to the latest version of Windows Phone, the Nokia Bandit could even be a really fast device, despite the large 1080p display with the alleged 6 inches.

Further, the upcoming 6-inch smartphone, the Nokia Bandit, is said to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon-process with four cores, which is supported by the GDR3 update of Windows Phone. Beside the Snapdragon CPU by Qualcomm with its four cores and the 6-inches Full-HD display of the Nokia Bandit, the smartphone is also said to feature a camera on its rear with (at least) 20 megapixels; the camera protrudes a bit at the rear of the case just as it is the case with the camera of the Nokia Lumia 925.

In terms of the casing of the Nokia device with its code name “Bandit”, it is said that the casing of Nokia’s Bandit device consists of polycarbonate. The device of the Finnish smartphone maker should be both, very light and very thin. The Nokia Bandit would therefore be the first Full-HD smartphone by Nokia with the Windows Phone OS (GDR3) from Microsoft, after the Lumia 825 (5.2-inch display) will be just equipped with a known 720p display.

Nokia Lumia 625

Of course, as well as the latest information about the so-called Nokia Bandit, these are no official technical specifications, but only rumours so far. However, the magazine The Verge also reports that another Full-HD (1080p) smartphone is already in the pipeline and that Nokia thus might release two new Windows Phone-devices with Full-HD displays at a 1080p resolution later this year.

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