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al-Arabiya Saudi Channel Commits Suicidal Mistake


Saudi owned Al-Arabiya propaganda channel commits a dangerous mistake on air, instead of showing a report on Syria the presenter is reading, they show the channel’s owner’s owner (the Saudi king) pictures beaten in a protest in Cairo, Egypt by an angry crowd. A lifetime sentence plus extra torture is granted  to who dares [insults the king’s personality] and beating with shoes is a big insult in the Arab world.

The Saudi channel has lost its credibility in its coverage of the Syrian Crisis by fabricating news and videos, recycling images and material from other conflicts and claiming it’s from the current crisis in Syria. Along with its elder sister the Qatari Emir owned Al-Jazeera, both channels played deadly roles in instigating strife among the Islam society while the Arabiya channel was several steps ahead in its anti-Shiite and anti-Iran propaganda at its owners will.


Reporters Without Borders and other ‘NGO’s working for human rights should make a move to investigate the well-being of the entire crew involved in this mistake to ensure their safety.

WMDs Weapons of Mass Deception
Corporate Media: WMDs Weapons of Mass Deception


  1. Canthama

    I can only think this was aired on purposely by one Al Arabyia employee, not a mistake, which it may indicate that a revolt in KSA is brewing…about time!


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