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Kerry Accuses Syria of Using Chlorine, Liar

John Kerry Colin Powell redo

US Regime mouthpiece John Kerry reopens the old books to dig out something to bargain with after his thugs failed strategically all over Syria accusing the Syrian government of using Chlorine against own people. Who will buy this BS? We are as much ‘absolutely certain’ that nobody will weigh his claims for several reasons.

One of the reasons would be a logical one: Why would a government regular army resort to a weapon that can be used against them and turn their achievements on the ground to the cause of losing public and international support in their fight against terror? No reason at all.

John Kerry Colin Powell redo
John Kerry Colin Powell redo

Another logical reason: Why would a regular government army troops defending their own families from attacks by imported mercenary thugs from all over the world, use any weapons against their own families?

One more logical reason then we turn to US logic: Who has the benefit of destroying Syria? Its own army or the invading armies of terrorists and their sponsors?

Now the US logic used consumed elsewhere as well says: The president and his over quarter a million armed forces are killing their own people and presenting sacrifices in thousands of martyrs and injured so he can remain in power. It is the ‘logic’ used by the US regime to invade and destroy Libya.

Some might suggest the US officials won’t lie to further their goals, whatever their or their operators goals are. Now this sounds logical except for a small fact that US officials never spoke the truth about any subject that matters for the past so many decades, who would believe them after all of this?

Let’s remember that al-Qaeda was the creation of the US regime’s ‘charity foundation’ aka CIA. And let’s not forget that al-Qaeda in Syria is called Nusra Front, which forms the backbone of the ‘Moderate Rebels’ the US regime keeps aiding, of course listed as a terrorist organization when the need was there to find an alternative due to the horrific record of crimes against humanity these ‘Moderate Rebels’ had on their hands and thus the creation of ISIS. But pausing for a moment, when terrorist groups comprised in its vast majority of foreigners have a certain goal of weakening a targeted state on the US regime target list, it does sound very much logical they’d resort to any kind of crime and any type of weapons and tools to achieve their target as long as their operators can use them in any political bargaining.

The only thing that John Kerry represents is a ‘Colin Powell’s moment’ and the only thing he has to present is another dumb lie to continue destroying Syria and the simple and naive US citizens will always at the end pay the price for it, cash and in postdated payments. But at least Mr. John Kerry, change the person who wrote the speech for the liar Colin Powell in his infamous presentation at the UNSC.

A typical western family following mainstream media
A typical western family following mainstream media

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