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The Best Solution for a ‘Jewish State’

Israeli Flag Apartheid

The USA would be the ideal ‘home country for a Jewish state’, there’s plenty of empty land there and since the USA is the biggest backer of Israel they should welcome this initiative. It will solve almost all problems in the world.

Instead of paying the Zionists billion of dollars each year to kill Palestinians and create wars all around, the US regime would be investing in its own land in this case.

Size of Occupied Palestine 'Israel' inside USA
Size of Occupied Palestine ‘Israel’ inside USA

Mr. Herman Heinsbroek, Dutch former minister of economic affairs in 2002 was quoted saying: “It was a historical error to give the Jews their own country in the middle of Islam,” he added: “You’ve had nothing but war ever since and you’ve had anti-Semitism resurging, too. My idea: Give the Jews their own state somewhere in the United States and 25 years to move their state over there.”

Herman Heinsbroek
Herman Heinsbroek, former Dutch Minister of Economics

A few ignorant might argue that over 5,700 years ago a number of people lived in Palestine who were following Judaism, but so were atheists and followers of previous religions. How about asking all 1.6 billion Muslims to move to Mecca and Medina cities? Or all Christians to move as well to Bethlehem in Palestine?

A Jewish friend confirms that Jews by their own teaching are not supposed to have their own state but to mingle in the communities they live in, but Zionists have a goal aligned with the ‘New World Order’ and they believe preventing Arabs from having a unified state will help them achieve this goal.

Zionists are the followers of Zionism, the ideology sponsored by ‘Great Britain’ to abuse Judaism similar to Wahhabism, the Anti-Islamic movement to abuse and distort the image of Islam from within.

For those who work for Armageddon, don’t worry, now with globalization you can start it even from Nevada desert in the United States of America and you’ll be the state number 52 there.

PS. The identical twin of ‘Israel’ is ‘ISIS’ the terrorist group sponsored by the West based on an anti-divine religion ideology and committing massacres to subjugate the people, exactly what the Haganah and Irgun Zionist terrorist groups and the massacres they committed in early twentieth century, Der Yassin for instance.

Israeli Flag Apartheid
Israeli Flag Apartheid

Can you think of a single reason that would prove this as not a good idea? We welcome your thoughts.

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