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A Big Fat Lie Will Become a Movie ‘A Gay Girl in Damascus’

Gay Girl in Damascus Movie

Homosexuality in Syria is outlawed not because there’s no respect to personal freedom, on the contrary, it is because Syrians highly appreciate personal freedom and do respect this freedom. Homosexuality is an abnormal behavior and to prove it just think if it was a normal behavior throughout the past millenniums you wouldn’t exist. A Gay Girl in Damascus is not about a blogger went missing, it’s about everything else.

To protect personal freedom this freedom shouldn’t transgress over others, shouldn’t be against human nature, should be within the common and accepted norms of a society to support it, anything other than that it’s not freedom anymore, it will be an aggression against others, against human nature and against the societies it’s emerging from.

This post is not about homosexuality nor about gays and the views of the author in that regards, it’s about a country targeted by the same lunatics pushing western societies into moral degeneracy. One day after the US plummets into a Supreme Court approval of same-sex marriage, I receive the trailer of a new movie titled: A Gay Girl in Damascus.

Gay Girl in Damascus Movie
Gay Girl in Damascus Movie

This immediately brought back into my memory the time when I used to become furious in the days where crisis in Syria was emerging and western media was fueling it by exaggerating events to the extent of participating in events and then creating events. Of course the CIA has already admitted using the mainstream media to spread propaganda in a public hearing, but who cares? CNN, the American leading news network was caught red-handed with its crew in Syria collaborating with terrorists to blow up a gas pipeline feeding the main electricity power station in Baba Amro, Homs, but again, the mass people will only believe what’s fed to them. Reuters was caught lying, BBC was caught, Qatari Al Jazeera of course was caught fabricating news, and hundreds of other stations. The longevity of the Syrian crisis have exposed many of the liars, but guess what? Western masses still fall for the same liars and the same lies. ‘A Gay Girl in Damascus’ was one of those big fat lies promoted by western mainstream media.

I recall trying to tell Hala Gorani, the Syrian origin CNN anchor that this can’t be a real story, but she was busy going crazy spreading the lies of the middle aged US male Tom MacMaster residing in Scotland as if Amina, the fictitious character name, was a real person who went missing. She later blocked me on Twitter which confirmed her intentions not to spread reality but to spread rumors.

Now, after years of being exposed as a hoax will the westerns feel shy of the lie they were spreading? No, they want to benefit more by making a movie that will attract more audience they expect due to the main attractions in it: Gay, Girl and the hot story of Damascus.

May God his almighty save the Syrians and support them in the war waged against them by over 80 countries most of which are western countries and some regional stooges. Absolute monarchies among them wanting to force their version of ‘democracy’ and their Wahhabi version of ‘Islam’ on the Syrians.

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