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Syrian Spies Working Inside Embassies in Damascus for the US and the West


‘What is happening in Syria is a world war to destroy Syria to redraw the world map, divide Russia and start a civil war in China’ – Wikileaks founder Julian Assange quoted.

Wikileaks leaked documents from the CIA and the US State Department revealed the full details of the conspiracy against Syria and how it was planned.

The documents described the methods of organizing spies in Syria through Google Maps during a conference in Zurich in 2010.

Organizing the spies started since 26 March 2009 with finance by the CIA.. Those youths worked on selecting the best suitable locations for sit-ins and protests and the more suitable military sites where controlling is easier.

The world in Syria
The world in Syria

The spies work was also dependent on making precise coordination for intelligence officers to be spied on their communications through satellites.

Documents add that some of these spies still receive their salaries until today and some of them are still living in Damascus.

Other documents confirmed that the plot to invade Syria started since 2001 when the US regime was keen on hiring Syrian youths in embassies and consulates with high salaries and most of these young men and young women were having connections to security agencies and information was taken from them in a way some didn’t realize it. The US regime was buying huge quantities of laptops to be distributed among groups it created.

The documents also pointed to the movement of US submarine USS Philadelphia on the same date of the assassination of Brigadier Mohammad Sulaiman on 2nd of August 2008 after which the submarine moved to Turkish coast with full cooperation with the Turkish and Isreali secret services.

As for Lebanese Arsal town, the documents confirm it is one of the most important sites for the war against Syria and it has weapons depots being prepared since 2008.

Leaked documents also exposed hundreds of correspondents that prove a high coordination between the US regime, Qatari Hamad and the Turkish Erdogan since 2006 to befriend the Syrian president, figure out his residence and to become closer to him to reveal all of the Syrian Army plans under the guise of assisting in financing both the SAA and the Lebanese resistance.

Some documents confirm the role of the Iranian opposition group MEK (Mojahedin-e-Khalq) in infiltrating Dara’a city, south of Syria in the year 2011 killing dozens of civilians posing as Iranian Revolutionary Guards with the assistance of terrorists from Al-Qaeda Iraq.

Among the information found in the documents leaked there’s a part that Qatari Hamad bought a plot of land opposite the headquarters of the 4th Armored Division in the SAA Republican Guards near Damascus to build a palace for himself there in order to monitor the movements and communications of the Division’s commanders.

The US regime has sent many messages to the Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad with the Qatari Hamad to bargain with him to let go the support to the Lebanese resistance and its leader Sayyed Hassan Nassrallah for billions of US dollars, but the Syrian president was rejecting to pass on any information or give any concession and all the requests were answered by him with a smile.

~ from an Arabic source.

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