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Jordan Reopens Border Crossing with Syria at the US Instructions

Syria Nassib Border Crossing with Jordan - Jabir Border Crossing

Jordan has accepted to reopen the Jabir – Nassib border crossing with Syria after receiving the green light from the USA which wants to minimize the negative ramifications of its 10.5 years war on Syria which it did not achieve its main strategic goals except the goal of shedding the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and causing the suffering of millions of others.

Jordan, a UK protectorate and a US stooge, have played one of the essential roles in the US-led war of terror and war of attrition against the Syrian people throughout the past decade, its long borders with Syria, most of which go through the empty desert with rough terrain, allowed it to smuggle tens of thousands of terrorists with their arms into its northern neighbor, in addition to establishing training camps for the terrorists of Nusra Front, ISIS, and other terrorist groups.

The Jordanian king blocked Syrian goods to be shipped abroad and blocked the shipment of goods from other countries into Syria through his country thinking this will strangle the Syrian economy and push the Syrians to revolt against their own state.

After more than a decade of its fully obeying the US and its other stooges in the region, namely the Saudis and Israel, Jordan did not see the benefits it was promised for its part, instead, the Jordanian economy collapsed, much of the promises of financial help from its filthy rich Gulfies patrons did not materialize, on the contrary, the Saudis plotted to topple the Jordanian king himself and replace him with his half brother, a coup that was uncovered merely hours before it took place by a tip from the Biden regime, not for the love of Jordan, it was a reversal of yet one more Trump policies.

Today, the border crossing is back to work, the following report by Al-Mayadeen’s Lana Shaheen from Jabir Post, the Jordanian side of the border, and Muhammad Khodr from Nassib, the Syrian side of the border show the resumption of movement through the border crossing:

Jordanian passenger heading to Syria, “the country of goodness and glory” – the video is also available on BitChute and YouTube.

Transcript of the English translation of the above report:

Once again, the Jaber border crossing opens its doors to arriving and departing travelers and trucks, and here within sight, we see the Syrian Nassib border crossing.

Ahmed Al-Qaraan – Director of Customs at the Jordanian Jaber Center: The entry of 100 travel vehicles will be allowed to enter from the Syrian side and the exit of 100 travel vehicles from the Jordanian side, and unlimited numbers of buses, as well as the passage of vehicles, buses, and trucks by transit to neighboring countries without the need to register through electronic platforms.

We all have passports and vaccination certificates, and things are legal, and thanks to God, we are going to the country of goodness, the country of glory, and, God willing, things will return like it was before.

The transit movement is in full swing here on the Jordanian side, according to technical, logistical, and health measures, so that the center can be opened with its full operational capacity. How is the situation on the other side?

The scene is not much different in the Nassib border post. The post’s work has not stopped during the past months, but there is a movement that is increasing in pace today, with the movement of trucks loaded with Syrian vegetables and products, and passenger cars towards Jordan and the Gulf countries, and the reception of Jordanian buses towards Damascus.

Mazen Ghandour – Head of the Nassib Immigration Center in Daraa: We are here representing the Syrian Ministry of Interior. We always receive departing and arriving travelers, whether they are of Syrian or Jordanian nationality, or of any nationality entitled to enter Syria.

Great preparations were prepared by the Syrian Ministry of Interior and the Customs. The center is fully equipped with anticipation in coordinating the movement of passengers and trade as it was about 10 years ago the center will become Syria’s lung towards its Arab surroundings to the south, with government support and follow-up expressed by the joint committees’ meetings two days ago in the Jordanian capital.

Muhammad Al-Khodr from Nassib Immigration Center on the Jordanian border, Al-Mayadeen.

End of the transcript.

The re-opening of the border crossing for passengers and goods exchange and transit between Syria and Jordan came after the United States of America instructed its proxies in Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt earlier this month, September, to seek Syria’s approval to allow supplying Lebanon with gas from Egypt and electricity from Jordan via Syria after it has blocked its proxies from any communicating with Syria and escalated its war of attrition and war of terror especially during the term of the US lunatic and war criminal Trump.

US ambassador in Lebanon rushed to call the Lebanese president to instruct him to contact the Syrian authorities just hours after Hezb Allah chief Sayyed Hasan Nasr Allah stated that the first Iranian cargo ship carrying Iranian fuel is heading toward Lebanon.

The United States in its criminal plot to subdue Syria and subsequently Lebanon after 10.5 years of the most heinous war of terror and war of attrition it waged against both countries with the help of up to 100 countries including most of the Arab countries, its plots have only led to the strengthening of the Axis of Resistance it plotted to break-up, the axis includes Iran, Iraq’s PMU, Yemen, Syria, the Lebanese Resistance (led by Hezb Allah), and the resistance factions in Gaza led by the Islamic Jihad and including the most of the military wing of Hamas.

In order to minimize the damage caused by its own policies and avert the attention from the heinous crimes it committed against the peoples of the region, also, to not appear as the main culprit in the latest strangling of the Lebanese economy, the USA is trying now to show that it cares for the people and that it is a champion of humanitarian rights [sic], this step is in anticipation of the date to review the renewal of the UNSC’s Al Qaeda life-line from Turkey in Idlib, in the northwest of Syria.

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