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Al-Jaafari: Saudi Arabia & Qatar support Terrorism by Faking Help for Syrians

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UN Security Council (UNSC): Resolution on Syria likely to be soon finalized.

While the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke about the results of the investigations of the chemical weapons attacks in the area of Khan al-Assal (Khan al-Asal, near Aleppo / Halab) and in suburbs of the Syrian capital and mentioned that it is confirmed that homemade Sarin (nerve gas) was used in both attacks, the Syrian Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN), Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, underlined in his recent statement that some Arab states manipulate the terrorism in Syria on the pretext of an alleged support and help for the Syrian people.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari, said in his statement that some governments tried to make discussions about Syria and Iran “the axis and basis” of the 68th annual session of the UN General Assembly in New York and to push the issue around the chemical weapons instead of trying to support the efforts to find a political and peaceful solution to the Syrian conflict.

The Syrian Ambassador added that the presentation of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria as “the axis and basis” by some representatives of countries at the UN General Assembly in New York is a superficial issue, but no crucial issue.

Bashar al-Jaafari said further that, at least, several members of the so-called international community have become convinced of the presence of al-Qaeda-linked terrorism in Syria. This simply means that several representatives of states have certainly admitted towards Bashar al-Jaafari finally on the side-lines of the UN General Assembly meeting in New York that they now believe that al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists are responsible for a lot of violence and bloodshed in Syria.

However, it remains to be seen whether U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will further lie about the alleged “absence of Al-Qaeda” in the Syrian conflict or if Kerry has a character and he will admit that he was “wrong” when he “told” congressmen in the United States that there is “no Al-Qaeda” on Syrian soil. To be honest, it is to expect that US Secretary of State John Kerry will not admit that he lied.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN), Al-Jaafari, also said that several Arab country and particularly some Gulf States (except Oman), support the terrorism in Syria on the pretext of helping the Syrian people. It is to assume that Bashar al-Jaafari in particular spoke about the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia and the regime in Qatar.

It is already confirmed that Saudi Arabia and Qatar support the terrorism and bloodshed in Syria by funding the armed terrorist groups, including the Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists, and by the supply of weapons and “military aid” to these religious fanatics and terrorists on Syrian soil. Bashar al-Jaafari underlined that such machinations by these Gulf States, such as the support of terrorism in Syria by faking help for the Syrian people, will reflect on these Gulf States and that they “will have to pay for their manipulations” and support for terrorism, just “as the US paid in Afghanistan.”

And while Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke about the homemade Sarin that has been used in chemical attacks in Syria and that this implies that the foreign-backed terrorists are certainly behind the attacks with chemical arms on Syrian soil and Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN) spoke about the evil machinations of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, it was also announced by Moscow that the upcoming resolution on Syria in regards of the Russian-US agreement on the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons is likely to be adopted in the next two days. This means that the final text of the draft resolution for the UN Security Council (UNSC) is likely to be finalized till the upcoming weekend.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov made this announcement about the draft resolution for the UN Security Council (UNSC) yesterday. The Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia said that the resolution on Syria will actually include a reference to the Chapter 7 of the UN Charter and thus, the resolution has the option to use (military) force against Syria in order to “restore international peace.”

Bashar al-Jaafari

And while Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke about the homemade Sarin that has been used in chemical attacks in Syria and that this implies that the foreign-backed terrorists are certainly behind the attacks with chemical arms on Syrian soil and Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN) spoke about the evil machinations of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, it was also announced by Moscow that the upcoming resolution on Syria in regards of the Russian-US agreement on the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons is likely to be adopted in the next to days. This means that the final text of the draft resolution for the UN Security Council (UNSC) is likely to be finalized till the upcoming weekend.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov, at least, added that the resolution on Syria will not include an “automatic trigger for hailing Chapter 7” of the UN Charter and that there is the need for another resolution in case that the Syrian government will fail (or even cheat) to comply with its obligations to eliminate and destroy its chemical weapons stockpiles. Thus, Washington has partly successfully blackmailed Moscow in terms of the reference to the Chapter 7 of the UN Charter in the upcoming resolution at the UN Security Council on Syria’s chemical weapons.

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  1. Mohammad ilham

    We must unite to fight against Zionisme…If Duncan Heater believe that this is a moment of Jesus Christ to return back…We also must consider that this is a time for AL-MEHDI to be choosen….We must find Al-MEHDI for our islamic world community to be prepare to fight along with the Messiah of Jesus of Nazareth.We must full force our Islamic alliances all over the world to destroy the arrogancy of the Zionist which sheild under name of ARAB SAUDI,QATAR,AMERICA which defended ISRAEL….Our BANNI TAMIM lead from South East Asia must be prepared as the first troop to RAISE the BLACK BANNER OF ALLAH towards our beloving brothers in syria to be Join force with Assyrian AR-SHAM…let be this war within ISLAM AND CHRISTIAN FIGHT AGAINST ANTICHRIST OF THE JESUS OF THE WEST THE ILLUMINATI…….Praise the Mighty GOD ALLAH…

    • Arklight

      Hmm. Well, foaming fanatics, whomever they may be, need to be kicked out of class, since they don’t play well with others. Now, if you want to talk about legitimate men and women of God, as well as people of good will uniting against Lucifer and his bunch, fine; people get jammed up by trying put words in God’s mouth, or by listening to other people who try. Men and women of faith, regardless of formal designation, who are smart just eliminate the middle man. God has made it very plain that for those who REALLY seek answers, or guidance, He is always open for business. The thing is, that too many people ask Him to rubber stamp whatever they think the solution is, and if they don’t get the answer they want, they shop around for a scripture thumper who will provide the desired result, and claim that God told them yatta-yatta. Watch out for snake oil salesmen, they are out there in wholesale lots, claiming to be priests, pastors, clerics, religious counselors or whatever. They’ll let you talk yourself right into Hell, and make no mistake about that. The common denominators for men and women of true faith are God, and his will – – not mine, nor yours, nor some third party con artist. Reflect, my friend, that there are devout Jews who would spit on the phony ‘Zionists’o me, ‘People of The Book’ means men and women of faith, who seek answers in their scriptures, or in prayer, and it matters not whether they are Christian, Muslim of Jew. Incidentally, I don’t know how it works with y’all, but here the black flag means no quarter – – is that where you’re coming from?

      • Mohammad ilham

        Arklight….I really happy to read your reading.. i can say that you had an open minded..Do not worry about the jews because we did not fight with the jews because not all jews are zion…we only fight against Zion who pretend to be the defender of Christ but not…who manipulate the christian people..who already start manipulate the Christian since 1st Nicea which leaving the Enoch teaching of Knowledge which the basic decendant of Jesus Christ..They even make the teaching more worst in 2nd Nicea…You may ask the Bishop of Maloula Syria for clarification of this……You might get even confuse but let me tell you something…In 1st of Nicea council decision…there is not preach of cruxifix but during Byzantine moment in 2nd Nicea councill..Importancy of Devine the Crussade was introduce…This Devine Crussade was First Preach during the battle of Jerusalem on 1099 by Priory of Sion [ This is the First Zion ]…This is the first generation of Zion community within the JESUS OF WEST not the JESUS OF EAST…from here the Zion knows the technic of Religion Politic which then later bring down all the Kingdom in name of religion but…the actual plan show when they able to remove the power of the kingdom and remove the religion from the politic…Its confusing but if you really learn DOCTRIN OF THE ELDER OF ZION….you will understand on how the Zion build christian and destroy the purity of Christian…and from here you will see on how they systemathically destroy the ISLAM piece to piece…Its a time for the Christian to return back to the original teaching of Jesus and its the time ask the YOHANNES prophercy to be fullfill…its the time also for the QURAN HADITS to be fulfill….you must understand that all the DEMOCRACY teach to you is not DEMOCRACY but DEMOCRAZY which lead you to leave your faith again your religion piece by piece….You teach you on how to imagine that sin is belong to GOD to decide..While Jesus said”When you need the women in your heart..You already sin”….Open your heart…pass it to GOD…clean it with forgiveness and dumbness of people..GOD will show you…..About the Black Flag…be honest…I’m from land far away….I have not yet touch there but the spirit of Love is with me…One find days,i will be there…to praise the almighty GOD ALLAH…along with the people who loves peace,who love jesus..who love Mohammad…I believe,togetherness of us is the SWORD that make all metal useless…Our SWORD will make Zion has no place in earth….

        So i leave you to learn…please open your heart give it to GOD…do not allowed evill to questions you but allowed GOD to stay in your heart…..HE will drive you the correct way..remember, not everybody of us are lucky enough to be in heaven…not even me…but let us be the choosen one…and remember the 10 commandment…DON’T KILL….

        May GOD Bless you

  2. Arklight

    Hmm. That’s a lot to chew on, MI. The Book of Enoch is pretty metaphysical, but then so is the Bible if you strat to question things like the question as to whether the man born lame was thus afflicted because of sins of his parents, or his own sins – – how could he have sinned before he was born? Hmmm. Then there’s Saul’s reaction at being struck blind on the road to Damascus; no panic, no screaming at fate, just the basic ‘Okay, who are you and what do you want?’ Saul was, allegedly, an adept of Ashteroth, so was very familiar with high magic and the function of discarnate entities. He was also smart enough to immediately understand that if whatever had hit him had wanted him dead, he would have been a heap of smoking rags in the middle of the road.

    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were first published, as I recall, in the last quarter of the 18th Century, but I’ve long thought that they had been around for a very long time, probably from before Babylon but that’s just a guess. I’ll have to dig ’em out again, and go over them, but I remember that they were a literal instance to back up the caustion in scripture to ‘Beware of they who call themselves Jews, and are not.’ There are apostates in every faith who bring down gloom, despair and agony upon the REAL people of the same faith. Christianity has them, Islam has them, Judaism has them, Bhuddism has them, native animism has them – – they’re all over the place, peeing in everybody’s soup. Not nice people, at all.

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought of the ‘First Crusade’ more as a pilgrimage. So far as I can till, Peter the Hermit was a man of God; he didn’t set out with a couple million pounds of weapons wielded by over energetic killers. Too bad it didn’t work out. The history of the Middle East may have been radically different. Personally, I don’t think that Israel will be any more successful in this attempt than have been previous incarnations, and will fall for the same reason; Israel turns its back to God, and he has to just kick the sh*t out of it, scatter the surviving population to the four winds until they come back to Him, and then they start from scratch again, and again, and again – – very hard headed people. Only learn the hard way. I think that the Jews are so hated because, individually, they not only survive, but prosper in the most straitened of circumstances. When they get scattered like a shovelful of sand, they do remember whom they really are, return to their faith with the inevitable genocide to solidify them in their root faith. Well, we’ll see what happens this time. Personally, I think it’s possible that if Israel wasn’t such a wedge-ass country, and would work out a condominium government for Jerusalem things might change for the better, but that’s too simple – – if there’s a truly ghastly way to do things, Israel will jump for it like a duck on a bug.

    I don’t know much more about the Councils of Nicea beyond that they took place. I’ll have to dig out my Gibbon’s and find the nuts ‘n’ bolts. Volume II, I think.

    You know, M, I had famiily in the Crusades. Well, I don’t know about the so-called First Crusade, but as for the others, my people beggared themselves getting outfitted to chase a fabricated goal in response to a penance imposed by a priest as punishment for somethjng of no import. That’s partly why I have no trust in clergy as direct messengers of God – – if God wants me to do something, he is perfectly capable of setting my feet on the path without help from some guy with his collar on backwards, a towel on his head, or an abreviated beanie, for that matter. As far as Heaven in contrast with Paradise, I don’t know. Heaven is populated with androgines which have no appear for me, where Paradise gives a guy a boatload of perpetual virgins, a constant trial in itself. Maybe, if a guy plays his cards right he’ll get issued a compatible woman that he can settle in with and sing God’s praises in harmonious duet. Whaddya think?

    There was a lot of meat in your post, M, thanks.

  3. Mohammad ilham

    Hi arklight…

    I’m very much interested on how you develop your thought of Israel…Basically Israel as i understand is given..They have tremendous kind of thought and spirit is marvelous..that is why they could have everything but not land…They took control of everything is this world by several way of control trough society as far as Rosicrucian,King of Malta,Freemason,Black nobility etc….They long penetrate the science politic of Europe.. making them another world watcher for Israel…Israel leader has put major effort to increase their people concern…if we look at holocaust in german…All the document confiscated during WW2 does not even show any evidence…but the campaign on this manner create impact of the return of Israel land on 1967 [ created trough control of Media as the Doctrin Plane ]…its contradict with the Zionist idea that not merely an attempt to rescue the Jews from violent anti-Semitic prosecutors, but rather was a heroic attempt to establish a model society. Zionism meant to create a society that avoided any form of discrimination or oppressive policy toward non-Jews, of the kind under which Jews had suffered from…So as far as i can see..Due to this misconception, it will lead israel to suffer…It doesnt help israel actually…It only providing continuous fear among the israel people…that is why i said not all Israel should be punish but only the Zion people who lead this fear to israel people….We believe even the people of Israel…They come to this ARAB land not to having this difficulties surrounding them…whereby they were loaded with surrounding extremist of even if Zion can conquer IRAN and Syria but its only adding their list of enemy..Can you imagine that one day…a fine days that suddenly thousand of missile bombarded to Israel land and Israel does not have any land to go…So Zion has to stop manipulating the world…stop this stupidity..act as what you had before…they must be understand that they refuse JESUS….They manipulate HIS teaching…they even manipulate Moses teaching by creating Zionisme….but its all up to israel to choose…if they were advice but not listening,they cannot blame that someday 1000 missile a days. enter to their territory and claim life…It will very sad ending story cos not all Israel are bad…..As muslim,what we can do is to stop the muslim fight within in order to paralyse the Zion manipulation….If we could paralyse their movement,they shall not put an agression against muslim people because it will be very – very risky…its might the end of the world of israel….

    • Arklight

      Hi, Mohammad, nice to see you. As you know from your studies, the Jews are God’s Chosen People, according to scripture. You also know that since the unfortunate incident with the Tree of Knowledge, man has been a creature of free will. We’ll skip over the part where ‘The Sons of God lay with the daughters of men’, and just stick to the Jews. Historically, they have always, pretty much, maintained themselves as a separate people, devout and (God’s)law abiding; so long as that was true of the bulk of the population, God looked out for them, provided for them, and sheltered them with His hand. From time to time, though, the free will to disobey would swing the devout population to the bottom of the heap, at which point God would kick the ass of the entire people. So. Anyway, after they had come out of Egypt, passed through the desert, they conquered the Promised Land and have been there ever since. No matter how many times Israel has been overwhelmed, destroyed, plundered and burnt to the ground, the Israelites have NEVER conceded anyone else’s right to the land of Israel. There has ALWAYS remained a remnant, no matter whose military was in the streets, how many of them were killed or enslaved out of pure malice, or anything else, some have always hung on, and never renounced their God given right to be there. When the League of Nations established the Palestine Mandate, Jews began to trickle home. A fair percentage of the returnees were combat veterans, had no fear whatever of the Arabs, and were willing to fight to the death for their farms and settlements. The Balfour Declaration established de jure boundaries for the Israeli enclave, with more and more devout Jews coming home, which tipped the balance back the other way; the combined depredations of the British and the Arabs couldn’t stem the flood so, by 1948 Israel had an army comprised almost entirely of combat experienced fighting men, plus more volunteers than there were weapons or equipment for. We all know how that worked out; the Arabs in the area knew that Israel’s neighbors were going to attack Israel, destroy it, and there would be no Jew left alive. A large percentage of the Arabs in the area decided to take a month vacation in Lebanon, or someplace other than Israel, then come back and take over the Israeli farms, towns and orchards. That didn’t work out. So now, we have an Israel which is large enough to defend, a host of now stateless Arabs, and humiliated neighbor States. Israel was now filling up with Jews coming home, most of whom were religious, if not devout, so Israel began to boom. As time passed, the Israeli population became more secular, less religious, and hardly devout at all. They did win a couple more wars and expanded their territory by right of sword, got peace treaties with a couple of neighbors and an accommodation with Syria, all the time losing their obedience to God and His will. I think, personally, that the glass turned when the Israeli government ordered the sinking of USS Liberty, at the demand of Lyndon Johnson (an evil creature, for sure). The Israelis had gotten cocky and elected ‘Zionists’ to high office and from there it’s gone downhill. I suspect that Israel will be destroyed yet again, MI.

      As to the Zionists: I personally believe that they’ve been around since the Sons of God lay with the daughters of men, producing some sort of hybrid. I doubt that they have ever been in large numbers, but a very few dedicated and hard working Luciferians go a very long way when they reach platforms of power. I think that they rely, mainly upon the ignorance of a population as their best path to power. Once established, they groom the next generation to succeed them, put in place the people and mechanisms to ensure that succession, and increase their numbers in every government upon the planet. They could not, obviously, survive if they called themselves ‘Luciferians’, but in the late 1700s they lit upon the notion of hi-jacking the term ‘Zionist’, ripping off a Jewish spiritual ideal and converting the term to their own purposes. Not nice. Anyway Israel, like so many other countries, have a very small number of Luciferians running a country the population of which are mostly men and women of good will and who never, consciously do evil to anyone, BUT – – the average Israeli is completely secular, or goes through the motions of religion without either fear of, nor obedience to, God. They repudiate the notion that they are under the control of wholly evil creatures of Satan, and would never, knowingly, support those individuals if they did know what they were. Thus we have the ‘Luciferian/Zionist’ in power, governing an unaware population which has neglected its only true protector, forgetting that God has promised to kick their ass any time they fall away from Him. The same is true of Americans, and for the same cause.

      A tidbit for you: the only actual, physical land holding Zionists were the Mormons of the Republic of Zion, which is now Utah.

      MK is bailing, MI. The site is, according to him, being taken over by Arabi Souri. He’s been at it for a couple of years, virtually all alone, and is about burnt out; he’s getting on with his life, and I don’t blame him. If you’d like to keep in touch, let me know and I’ll post my email address.


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