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Syria: Mother Agnes on the Chronology of Chemical Attack Near Damascus

Jobar. Photo by A. Filatov / ANNA News

Mother Agnes speaks about the fabricated videos of the chemical attack near Syria’s capital, Damascus.

The catholic nun, Mother Agnes, has updated the study about the chronology of the chemical attack in suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus on August 21 and spoke with Russia Today (RT) about the fabricated videos by the foreign-backed terrorists which are used as evidence for the guilty of the Syrian Army and the Syrian government.

After the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has announced that homemade Sarin nerve gas has been used in the attack near Damascus on August 21 and that it was the same type of Sarin only of higher concentration than what has been used in an attack against Syrian civilians and soldiers in the area of Khan al-Assal (Khan al-Asal) in the countryside of the Syrian city of Aleppo in March this year, it seems that the study and statements by Mother Agnes are believable and true. The noose is slowly tightening on the foreign-backed terrorists and on their backers and supporters abroad.

As mentioned, the updated version of a study produced by the catholic nun, Mother Agnes, is pointing to a number of fabricated videos, which are used to underline that the Syrian governance of President al-Assad and the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) would have been behind the recent chemical attack in suburbs (e.g. Jobar) of the capital, Damascus. However, the videos are fabricated and the statements by the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov about the type of the used Sarin nerve gas and the Russian investigations of both chemical attacks in Syria seem to underline this.

Not to mention that there has been no need for the use of chemical weapons against the foreign-backed terrorists or even against the own Syrian population by the units of the Syrian army in a situation in which the troops of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have already gained the upper hand in the fight against the foreign-backed terrorists and the armed jihadists and Islamists of the Al-Qaeda-linked “brigades” on Syrian soil.

Further, it would also be very questionable if Syrian soldiers use Sarin nerve gas while they do not carry any gas masks, and not to mention that the soldiers would probably not use chemical weapons in a location so near to the residence of Syria’s President, Bashar al-Assad. Also the team of ANNA News, who has been in the area of Jobar on this day, has testified that the Syrian Army has not used chemical weapons when they have been there. There are even several recordings by the ANNA News team.

The Christian nun, Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib, mother superior of St. James Monastery in Qara, Syria, says in the report on the incident near the Syrian capital Damascus that many videos with supposed victims of the chemical attack on August 21 in the Syrian village of al-Ghouta (Gouta / Ghouta / Guta) were in fact staged and fabricated. Further, the videos were scripted in order to serve as evidence for certain foreign governments to accuse the Syrian government that it would have used chemical weapons against its own people and in order to cross the “red line” of U.S. President Barack Obama.

Thus, to trigger a foreign military intervention in Syria. There is probably nobody who has ever heard that a so-called opposition would favour a military strike on its own home country and even tries such means to launch a US-led war on its own country. However, there is now such a (political) opposition and its “opposition forces” on ground in Syria. One may ask whether he really should support such a kind of “opposition” and if the “Syrian rebels” are really rebels rather than simply armed terrorists, jihadists, and criminals, fighting for benefits.

Syria – Jobar – ANNA-news

The interview with Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib from Syria is very interesting and explains several details of the study and behind the claims of the Christian nun. The statements by Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib also underline the situation that these videos were staged and fabricated in order to accuse the Syrian government for the killing of its own people by the use of chemical weapons in al-Ghouta (Gouta/Guta), near the capital Damascus.

The statements by the Christian nun even seem to underline the results of the Russian investigation about the chemical attacks in Khan al-Assal (near Aleppo) and in suburbs of Damascus on August 21.

Interview with Mother Agnes from Syria about the updated study and the fabricated videos:

“Staged and scripted”: Mother Agnes finalizes chronology of Damascus chemical attack

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