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Israel Commits A Deadly Mistake Assassinating Saleh Al-Arouri

Israel assassinated Deputy Head of Hamas Politburo Saleh Al-Arouri in a bombing in Beirut

Israel assassinated Deputy Head of Hamas’s Politburo Saleh Al-Arouri by drone bombing of a building within a residential complex in Beirut, Lebanon this evening.

Local sources in Lebanon corroborated by some media outlets said there were 3 missile explosions in the overcrowded Dhahiya, the southern suburb of the Lebanese Capital Beirut, one building was largely damaged, two others partially damaged, and vehicles on the road destroyed; so far 6 people announced martyred in the explosions, some of them civilians.

Israel’s Netanyahu had committed a redo of what Trump did when the latter murdered the Iranian most revered army general and the commander of Al Quds Force in the IRGC Qasim Soleimani in Baghdad, Iraq by assassinating a political leader of a foe in another country, the price for this crime to be paid by Israel will not be less than what the US soldiers experienced in the Ain Alasad US Army base in Iraq.

Israel assassinated Deputy Head of Hamas Politburo Saleh Al-Arouri in a bombing in Beirut
The targeted building in southern Beirut

Described as a triple war crime, the assassination of a politburo leader, the assassination carried out in another country and the murdering of civilians in operation, this is a major escalation Israel committed and is considered a new turning point in the 88 days of the US-Israel ongoing holocaust of Gaza.

The assassination of Saleh Al-Arouri in Lebanon crossed a red line set by Hezb Allah Chief Hasan Nasr Allah who vowed to retaliate in kind to any targeting of Palestinian leaders in Lebanon by Israel.

Madman Netanyahu has literally endangered all Israeli political officials with this crime making them legitimate targets of retaliation anywhere they are, whether in occupied Palestine or other countries, the slain leader was respected by the different factions of the Axis of Resistance.

Whoever decided to assassinate Saleh Al-Arouri in Beirut had unwillingly united the Palestinian factions with calls for a general strike and marches of anger across occupied Palestine especially in the West Bank.

Sources from Israel reported high alert among the Israeli IDF and other terrorist apparatuses of the anti-Jewish Israeli Zionist entity.

Israel is now bracing for the retaliations for its numerous war crimes, its ongoing ‘Holocausting’ of Gaza, the assassination of the military attache in the Iranian embassy in Damascus, and on the anniversary of the murdering of Iranian General Qasim Soleimani in Baghdad which Israel played a major role in and only the US Army paid for that crime.

Condemnations of this cheap assassination operation by Israel have started pouring by the time of this report, beginning with the caretaking prime minister of Lebanon who also filed an official complaint against Israel at the United Nations Security Council, all the other factions of the Axis of Resistance, and the masses in Palestine have condemned the Israeli cheap war crime and vowed to avenge the killing of Al-Arouri.

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  1. Greagoir O'Cathasaigh

    Regev immediately realized his mistake in mentioning israhell and then engaged in a game of backtracking while trying to cover Netanyahu’s axx-tracks.


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