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Israel Celebrates Trump Regime Announcement by Bombing Syria, Two Martyred

Biden bombing Syria again

Israel celebrated the Trump regime’s most recent illegal gift by bombing Damascus during the early hours of 20 November. Today’s criminal bombings follow the announcement by Secretary Pompeo that Trump was again bestowing ownership of stolen and occupied lands of the West Bank of Palestine, to Israeli invaders, occupiers.

One of the bombs killed two Syrian parents, creating orphans of two Syrian children.

Less than two days ago, Secretary Mike ‘Lied, Cheated, Stole’ Pompeo told the media the US government would no longer even make perfunctory mouth noises over the breach of International Law committed by Israel in the West Bank.

In essence, Pompeo gave the Israeli regime carte blanche to expand its current breach International Law and the Oslo Treaty — for which former PM Yitzhak Rabin gave his life — which Israel almost immediately celebrated.

The IDF — one of the most immoral militaries in the world — immediately put out a statement – nearly incoherent from being overstuffed with hasbara – claiming Israel’s war criminal bombings of Damascus were a response to some magical rockets from part of Syria’s Golan not occupied by Israel, into Syria’s Golan which is occupied by Israel. It is a tad interesting that the magical rockets landed without breaking anything.

As always, the beleaguered Netanyahu — whose wife recently was convicted of theft (er, “misuse”) of public funds — barked out the standard self-defense lie. Likely wiping froth from his mouth, he barked about harming back and giving no explanation of the military importance of murdering civilians in their homes, in response to imaginary rockets, fake-fired 55km/35mi away.

distance between Damascus and the occupied Golan is less than 55kms
Netanyahu’s war propaganda bluster, as usual, was meant to crush questions on the absurd military tactic of bombing a home 55km from imaginary rocket fire.

The arrogance of the lying, cheating, stealing diplomat turned out to be no match for the old-fashioned Freudian parapraxis that can slip out when attempting to tell a huge lie; despite being an admitted, seasoned liar, he actually choked on his lies: “After carefully studying all sides of the legal debate,” Pompeo lied that international law is wrong in noting that occupation breaches international law.

Principles governing occupation. Israel and US are both signatories to the Geneva Accords.

Today was not the first time that Israel celebrated a gift from the Trump regime, which was not is to give.

In March, Israel criminally celebrated Trump’s illicit tweet on the Golan, by bombing Aleppo — and criminally breaching Lebanon’s airspace to do so.

Is there a single word to define and describe the criminal behavior of a world leader legitimizing grand theft? The POTUS can’t be called a fence, as he hasn’t done the stealing, but authorizes its Orwellian correctness. What persons would be ok with bandits invading their homes, and a judge ruling that their homes belong to the bandits?

Not surprisingly, in his war is peace 18 November press conference, the lying, cheating, stealing Pompeo also functioned as cheerleader to the terrorists in Hong Kong, those charming youngsters who beat 70-year-old men to death, with bricks, who set men and police on fire, who have turned a university into a petroleum bomb-making factory.

The Trump regime has again breached international law to bestow fake permission on Israel to further breach international law.

The Trump regime gave tacit, illicit permission for Israel to further breach International Law.

Israel thanked Trump, and celebrated in a new round of war criminal bombing of Syria, making two children into orphans.

Miri Wood

NB: Various media are now circulating rumors that Pompeo is plotting to jump ship. Should these rumors materialize into fact, we should consider his ‘lying, cheating, stealing’ when the media subsequently use him as another talking head.


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  1. max

    I strongly disagree with the hong kong video and it has nothing to do with USAs evil doing. The hk protests are decentralized and so there are no leaders or entity controlling them to go in one direction. the majority wants peacefull protest. when 25% of the entire country is out on the street for months the hk government Lam talks about them betraying hk, but if they are hk who is betraying who? If they were able to elect their government, rather have a chinese approved ruling party, the protests would not have happened. there have been thugs and mobs hired to beat down protestors or hunt them down individually on their way home, and there have been serveral mainlanders who ended up stabbing hk protestors. so are you surprised that there exists a minority among them who are turning violent? I seen videos of the protestors cleaning the streets and washing them after the police randomly sprayed pedastrians with blue paint. police randomly shooting a masked unarmed pedastrian. lots of stabbing from mainland chinese in hong kong. The protests in HK are nothing like what Syria experienced. if the protests dont succeed, simply protesting can get you extradited to china where you face no fair trial. expired teargas (dangerous) are being used on protestors in tight spaces, causing the death to the student last week. there was from the start a massive brutality from the police which is why hk protestors now demand fair treatement and trials on both sides about the violence.

  2. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    Washington DC is infested with Judaic cabal cancer. They own the entire Earth; they hate humanity to an evil degree and their blood thirst is insatiable. All revolutions, wars, other conflicts are all inspired by this small tribe. They warship satan and sacrifice millions of human lifes celebrating their evil achievements.


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