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Israel Bombs Damascus Vicinity Killing 2 Civilians Injuring Others

Israel bombing Syria

At 1:20 am Wednesday 20 November 2019 Damascus local time Israeli warplanes targeted the vicinity of Damascus from both over the occupied Golan and from over Lebanese town of Marj Oyoun.

Desperate war criminal and embattled Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu trying to open new fronts trying to hold on the post that saves him prison time, knowing very well the criminal nature of the Israeli population and that a new war would get him enough supporters, he’s trying, with the help of his friends, to start any confrontation, we’ve seen last week in Gaza where the main targets were entire families, and also by trying to kill a Palestinian leader and his entire family in Damascus by targeting his residence.

One of the missiles targeted a house in Saasaa, southwest of Damascus, a family of 4, a father, mother, and 2 children were removed from under the rubble of their house the parents were killed, one of the children is injured and being treated at a nearby hospital. The two children are now orphans just for Netanyahu to win elections in Israel.

These crimes should be stopped at all costs, obviously the Israelis with the help of their Turkish tool Erdogan and their masters in the Pentagon are trying to disperse the Syrian Arab Army efforts over broad areas of the country confronting NATO armies and terrorists in the northwest, north, and northeast of Syria, ISIS remnants operating under the US protection in the east and southeast of the country and now Israel from the southwest.

Obviously, as well, the Syrian Armed Forces need to lessen their dependence on Russian made outdated air defense systems proved ineffective and should work like they’ve done before, on upgrading their own systems away from the Russian supervision. Russia, meanwhile, can continue promoting their air defense systems, warplanes, and other weapons to its own foes in Turkey, and the US satellite Gulfies.

A tit for tat retaliation should also be considered, bombing a sovereign country is a breach of all international laws, let alone occupying parts of the parts, and no international organization will interfere to stop. So the Syrians must hurt the Israelis to force them to stop their crimes and twist Erdogan’s hands inside Turkey itself targeting his already ailing and hanging on a thin thread economy even if this will anger his Russian protectors. Enough is enough and calls for peace and calm and restraint are not stopping the aggression.

We’re not trying to tell the Syrian leadership what ought to be done, they know much better and they have managed to win an unwinnable war of terror waged against Syria by over 100 uncivilized criminal countries led by the superpowers and super-rich. We’re just offering the Syrian leadership the public support needed to carry out any response at all costs against the aggressors everywhere possible. And I can comfortably say I speak on behalf of a considerable sector of the Syrian people, comfortably.

We don’t have much to lose after the long years of fighting terror on behalf of the world, but let us see how much the enemies of humanity can take in Israel, Saudi, Turkey, and whoever joins them. I’m not counting the 600 mercenaries Trump placed them as sitting ducks, they’re toast from the first strike if the US decides to do something stupid.

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1 Comment

  1. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    Dear Mr. Bashar Assad,

    Don’t count on Mr. Putin. He is a shabad-lubavich Ben Lazar ass kisser. and Mr. Kissinger’s “old friend”.
    But count on true Russians instead- they still exist.

    Best Regards,
    Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

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