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Trump Forces Protect Kurdish – Israeli Thieves Looting Syrian Oil

US forces in northeast Syria with help of Kurdish SDF to protect Israel Stealing Syrian oil

Trump mercenary forces in northeastern Syria against international law acting as occupation forces sacrificing their lives and tarnishing their country’s image to protect an Israeli company leading the exploration of Syrian oil with facilities presented by the Kurdish separatist SDF militias, the masks are off.

We’ve covered the Israeli – Kurdish alliance in previous posts, the latest move by the regime of Donald Trump to keep 600 of his mercenary forces in northeast Syria not to protect the Kurds, the useful fools, but to loot the Syrian oil, and one would think that Trump puts the lives of those soldiers for the US itself to benefit from the revenues of stealing and smuggling Syrian oil, that would be normal for typical thieves, but what do you call a thief stealing for others, in this case Israel?

The following report by Dima Nassif for the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen news channel sheds some light on the Kurdish – Israeli – Trump relation in northeast Syria:

The video is also available on BitChute:

Transcript of the English translation of the above video report:

US armored vehicles moving to oil fields in the eastern region near the Iraqi border, Al-Omar, Tank, Jafra, and Koniko, the major Syrian fields, which accounts for nearly two-thirds of the estimated 2.5 billion barrels of oil reserves controlled by the SDF, the US ally and its pillar of its occupation in Syria for years.

The SDF did not wait for the arrival of US companies, which Trump announced that it will invest and distribute Syrian oil, the Israeli International Development Company started its oil exploration in June after Elham Ahmed, chair of the combined Syrian Democratic Council, granting in written guarantees for the company to act on Syrian oil; Oil sales, bringing the SDF $ 10 million a month, will be monitored and approved by the US Treasury.

Tanker convoys transporting oil from the fields east of the Euphrates and the countryside of al-Hasakah outside Syria published by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Moscow accuses Washington of stealing and smuggling Syrian oil under the guard of its military companies.

The oil card is Washington’s new strategy at the lowest military cost after it withdrew from half of its presence in Syria, keeps it a major player  in the Syrian political file, politically, and in reconstruction, economically, and the return of American companies to the oil fields they were before the war, and more.

To keep 600 US troops in the east is not just for oil, the Syrian reserves of it are not comparable to Saudi or Iraqi, but to deny Damascus one of its most important resources in the reconstruction of what was destroyed by the years of war and restoring the Syrian position with full independence and sovereignty, as without oil revenues, Damascus would be held hostage by regional and international powers and forced to import energy and others, it will not be able to renew its industrial base or achieve self-sufficiency that has protected Syrian independence for decades.

Damascus will complain to the UN Security Council about Washington’s theft of Syrian oil, as President Assad said, keeping US forces will generate military resistance to get them out.

The Syrian east, which the oil draws the new fronts of the conflict, could raise the cost of military victory for Damascus on the road to regaining full sovereignty over the country’s resources and geography.

Dima Nassif, Damascus, al-Mayadeen

End of the English transcript of the video report.

Trump’s words of entente, before draining the swamp into his circulatory system.
A previous post covering the Kurdish – Israeli alliance to steal Syrian oil.

The US soldiers and the US taxpayers are sacrificing their lives and throwing their hard-earned tax money to protect oil thieves working for a foreign party under the orders of the top officials, someday the coming generations in the United States of America will read the history of their fathers and feel ashamed compared to those living now keep bragging about their forefathers.

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