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Israel Bombs Southern Damascus Murdering and Injuring Syrians

Israel bombs southern Damascus

Israel bombed southern Damascus in the afternoon today Monday the 29th of January murdering and injuring Syrian civilians and inflicting material damage.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense said in a statement conveyed by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“At approximately 1:00 pm today, the Zionist enemy launched an air bombing from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points south of Damascus.”

The very brief statement concluded: “The (Israeli) aggression resulted in a number of martyrs and wounded civilians, in addition to some material losses.”

Uncorroborated reports by local sources said sounds of explosions were heard as a result of the Syrian air defense shooting down some of the incoming missiles, some said the targeted area is the same one surrounding the shrine of Sayyeda Zainab to the south of the Syrian capital Damascus which has been a main target for Israel.

Syrian activists named two martyrs killed in the Israeli aggression: Hasan Youssef Ghawi from the town of Foua, and Hijr Muhammad Qaq from the town of Kafraya, both towns from Idlib countryside.

This latest Israeli aggression comes one day after the illegal US Army base in southeastern Syria’s Al Tanf area was bombed by the Iraqi Resistance with a Kamikaze drone. The US Ministry of War aka the Pentagon admitted there were casualties among the US soldiers claiming that only 3 were eliminated and 34 were injured in the bombing. The Pentagon claims the US Army base that was bombed is in Jordan across the borders with Syria.

In an attempt to justify the failure of the overhyped US air defense systems to protect the US Army base, the Pentagon claimed that the drone bombing occurred at the same time a US drone on a spying mission was returning to the base ‘prompting confusion over whether the incoming drone was friendly…”

The tasks assigned to the US Army in Syria

The US-led coalition of current and former colonialists and evildoers of Western Europe and the US Zionist ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier in the Middle East’ dubbed Israel have sunk themselves in multiple quagmires and are seeing their only way to survive their demonic regimes is by instigating a wider war dragging in multiple parties.

Whether the dilemma in Gaza the US-led Israel found itself in, the war in Ukraine and the elimination of 3 consecutive Ukrainian armies, the confrontation in Yemen which the US-led European puppets have already lost, the rulings of the International Court of Justice against Israel, on the international arena.

And on the domestic front with the successive overwhelming wins of the ‘Orange Man’ in the Republican Party’s elections and the possibility of a civil war in case the demented Biden decides to federalize Texas National Guards to keep flooding the USA with cheap labor, potential sex and organ trafficking victims, and potential future voters for exposed Democratic Party; the USA, Israel, the UK, Western Europe, and their lackeys in Australia, Nazi sympathizer-led Canada and other satraps, all of them need offramps from their piling failures.

The Axis of Resistance is depriving the failing evil empire of its wish for a regional war. It is calculating its retaliations to the aggressions without missing any chance to increase the heat under the illegal US Army bases and the Israelis, especially in the Levant.

A retaliation for today’s Israeli bombing of southern Damascus will be carried out against the illegal US Army bases in Syria by the Syrian Resistance, this was promised long ago and has been fulfilled without fail: each time Israel bombs Syria, the Syrian Resistance bombs the illegal US Army bases in the country.

The Iraqi Resistance is bombing the US Army bases in Syria and Iraq to pressure the USA to order Israel to stop its genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza, and to avenge the war crimes the Biden junta is committing in Iraq against Iraqi officials and the Iraqi PMU. The Iraqi parliament and Iraqi governments have officially and repeatedly asked the USA to withdraw its forces from their country, especially after Trump murdered Iranian General Qasim Soleimani and Iraqi PMU Commander Abu Mahdi Al Mohandes.

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