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Israel Bombs SAA 1st Division Weapons Depot

image-Israel Bombs SAA 1st Division Weapons Depot

Israel Bombs SAA 1st Division Weapons Depot

In its latest aggression, Israel fired 5 missiles at a weapons depot for the Syrian Arab Army’s 1st Division in Kisweh, south of Damascus, earlier this dawn. 3 of the missiles were intercepted by SAA air-defense and 2 landed near the warehouses.

Israel acts out of the international law and against all the United Nations charter and resolutions as it has the complete cover from the United States of America, and almost all of NATO countries to act with impunity. Political Zionism is in control of the US politics working to gain that control over a century now:

It’s not the first time the Zionist regime attacks Syria, the Israelis are directly aiding all terrorist groups fighting the Syrian state and killing the Syrian people. Syria will retaliate to these aggressions as soon as the main terrorist groups’ threat is thwarted, Syria’s back is covered as now Turkey, NATO member state has interfered directly in the war in the northwest of Syria, breaching Syria’s sovereignty. The United States also maintains a number of military bases in the northeast of Syria and in the southeast at al-Tanf. Any new front opened now will only drain the most needed resources in the war against terror all over the country.

A short dark footage shared by ‘Damascus Now’ news site shows an air-defense missile launched and destroys an object in the air:

The Israelis usually claim they target shipments of weapons heading to Lebanese Hezbollah organization coming from Iran on Syrian territories, this time if the attack is confirmed to be by Israel and the target is confirmed to be the one reported above, then Israel has committed an uncalculated act of aggression they’ll regret.

We’re awaiting the official statement from the Syrian Ministry of Defense which usually details any such attacks and provides accurate information.

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