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Israel Bombs Damascus: Soldier Martyred

Israel bombed Damascus, again, 9 February 2022.

Israel bombed Damascus from Beirut, and from the Syrian Golan which it occupies, in the early hours of 9 February. Lieutenant Zulfiqar Fayez Mansour was martyred while defending his homeland within its internationally recognized borders. Five others were injured. This triad of war criminal bombings by Israel also resulted in the destruction of housing, businesses, and automobiles. An undisclosed number of incoming missiles were intercepted and downed by Syrian air defense systems.

This is Israel’s second war criminal bombing of Syria since 31 January.

We ask our western readers to consider their concerns were a foreign military to bomb their countries, and on a regular basis. We also point out to our US American compatriots that during our time of food insecurity, housing insecurity, and a runaway inflation beginning to imitate Weimar, our taxes continue to pay Israel to murder Syrians in their country, in the amounts of tens of billions of dollars ($146 billion, according to a 31 May 2021 report by USA Today).

Israel bombed Damascus  one hour before rationed electricity is turned on.
Israel bombed Damascus one hour before rationed electricity is turned on.

The Israeli aerial bombs were dropped just before 0100, Damascene time; Israel again breached Lebanon’s airspace, flying over Beirut. The breaching of another country’s airspace is a war crime, as is the aggressive bombing of a country. The second round of bombing were surface-to-surface, fired from the Syrian Golan occupied by Israel since 1967.

Israel's three war crimes: Breaching Lebanon's airspace, bombing Syria from the air, and from the Syrian Golan, which it criminally occupies.
Israel’s three war crimes: Breaching Lebanon’s airspace, bombing Syria from the air, and from the Syrian Golan, which it criminally occupies.

Syria News notes that the latest war criminal bombing of the Syrian Arab Republic comes on the heels of Sayyed Nasr Allah statement that Hizb Allah is in possession of an air defense system; one might wonder if this latest criminal aggression by the US satrap in the Levant was an attempt to test it.

We also note that UNSCR 497 (1981) states that the occupation of the Syrian Golan is in breach of International Law, and called for an urgent withdrawal by no later than 5 January 1982, “in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.” We further note, that unlike the colonialist UNSCR 2254 (2015), the bastion of peace and security has been steadfast in its NATO klansmenship: While the junta holds monthly anti-Syria hoax meetings on the implementation of 2254, it has not forced UNGA member Israel to withdrawal from the Syrian Golan.

NATO stenographer reporters engaged in pimping for the Military Industrial Complex, have chosen to ignore the most recent of Israel’s criminal and deadly aggressions; among the pimps ‘current’ reports are the claims that the Israel’s December bombings of the seaport of Lattakia were “rare.”

This is Lieutenant Zulfiqar Fayez Mansour. He was martyred by another war crime committed by Israel, while defending his country within its internationally recognized borders.

Israel continues to engage in crimes against humanity with impunity, courtesy of the the complicity of the NATO junta occupying the UN.

Israel continues its war crimes against Syria, with impunity, courtesy of the American taxpayer, currently faced with food and housing insecurity.

Miri Wood

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