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Israel Bombs Damascus as ISIS Escalates its Terrorist Attacks

Israel bombs Syrian capital Damascus outskirts-file photo - عدوان اسرائيلي على محيط العاصمة السورية دمشق

Israel bombs the outskirts of Damascus shortly before midnight as ISIS, the other NATO forefront proxy escalate their terrorist attacks on the Syrian people.

The bombing targeted several posts on the outskirts of the Syrian capital causing material damage, the Syrian news agency SANA reported:

“A military source: At about 23:45 pm today, 28/5/2023, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points in the vicinity of Damascus.”

The very brief statement by the Syrian military source conveyed by SANA concluded: “The losses were limited to material.”

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

Absolute silence prevails in the United Nations, its Security Council, the European Union, the self-proclaimed International Community, and the other NGOs who constantly flood the media with their crocodile tears and condemnations of the breaching of the sovereignty of one of their vassal states like in the case of Ukraine instead of condemning this repeated blatant breach of Syria’s sovereignty and the aggression on the world’s oldest civilization capital Damascus.

The bombing of Syria by the Israeli IDF terrorist organization was anticipated, the anti-Semitic radical Zionist entity is furious about the recent developments regarding Syria and the region, none in favor of Israel and its sponsors except the winning of their loyal servant the Turkish madman Erdogan.

As much as the Syrian people viewed the return of the Arab League to Syria negatively as it was presented as a favor for those who waged the world’s bloodiest war of terror and war of attrition against them and lose rewarding the criminals and depriving the Syrians of their victory, Israel, on the other side, sees that as a dangerous sign to its project of expansion with the reduction of the support of some of the Arab states to the hybrid war on the Syrian people.

Israel would not have carried out any of its terrorist attacks against Syria without the full support of the US-led NATO, the ‘defensive’ alliance, Turkey included in it in addition to some of the Gulfies led by Qatar as Saudi Arabia is verbally taking the back seat.

Rather, Israel’s very existence is dependent on the financial and military support of the ‘collective West’ to the cost of each missile Israel uses to bomb Syria and the besieged Palestinians in Gaza; just like the collective West’s other project the Ukrainian Nazi regime of Zionist Zelensky and his team in Kiev.

The empire is refusing to accept its inevitable demise. It is resorting to the bloodiest tactics, wars, conflicts, and regime changes across the globe, the systematic disintegration of societies under the fake slogans of liberalism limited to accepting the narrative presented to its subjects and demonizing any critical voice to its demonic agenda and crimes and eliminating all voices calling for a smoother end of its global hegemony. History repeats itself and humans, the worse of them, refuse to learn.

As for the empire’s proxies, Israel, al Qaeda, ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood organization, the regime in Kiev, the conflicting parties in Sudan, and others living on Western aid: the end is near, and it’s approaching very fast.

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  1. Roy

    WOW! You’re beginning to sound like me; I really do try to chill, but somethings are just too egregious to ignore; but, I do think that you’re right, the end must be near; only the passion for all creation spares what must become the absolute end to all who defy the love of the creator, for that is the same as a curse upon themselves, an unforgivable sin against the heavens itself.


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