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Israel Bombs Central Syria from over Beirut Killing 2 Civilians, Injuring Others

Israel bombs Syria - عدوان اسرائيلي صهيوني على سورية

Israel fired a barrage of missiles targeting central Syria from over the Lebanese capital Beirut, the Syrian air defense units managed to repel most of the incoming missiles, the bombing killed 2 civilians, injured 7 others including 6 soldiers.

A military spokesperson added in a statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA:

At approximately 01:26 in the morning today, the Israeli enemy carried out air aggression with bursts of missiles from the direction north-east of Beirut, targeting some points in the central region.
Our air defenses confronted the aggression’s missiles and brought down most of them. Six soldiers were wounded and some material losses were caused.

This Israeli bombing against Syria is the 5th aggression and breach of international law in the past month, Israel carries out its cheap attacks from behind the borders, one of the previous attacks was carried out along with US forces illegally deployed in the depth of the Syrian desert at Al Tanf area and those US cannon fodder troops paid a hefty price for facilitating this attack after their barracks were bombed by Kamikaze drones and grad missiles in retaliation.

The United Nations Security Council is totally mute on these Israeli continuous aggressions, we will only hear the loud cries at the UNSC from the western representatives who will flood the UN headquarters with their crocodile tears when Syria retaliates against these repeated Israeli attacks. Meanwhile, Israel is taking advantage of the Syrian armed forces being busy engaging the US and NATO-sponsored host of terrorist groups the likes of ISIS, Nusra Front, HTS, Kurdish SDF separatists, and the other terrorist groups embedded with the Turkish forces (NATO’s 2nd largest army) in the northern region.

Syria will definitely retaliate if Israel targets a strategic Syrian post, for now, the Syrian retaliation is limited to support resistance groups fighting to liberate the lands occupied by Israel in the Syrian Golan, southern Lebanon, and the East and West Banks of Palestine.

Israel continues to prove itself as a force of evil in the region and its very existence is a continuous threat to peace and stability not only in the West Asia region but way further to Central Asia and all of Africa, and that the only way to establish permanent peace in the region is by forcing Israel to withdraw behind its 1947 borders.

The Lebanese authorities are happy with the continuous Israeli aggressions using their air space, on rare occasions, some Lebanese officials will emit some vaguely heard sounds to condemn such breach to their country’s sovereignty, they will, however, shout when Syrian missiles chase Israeli planes over Lebanon, or when Hezb Allah manages to import oil from Iran through Syria to break the US-imposed blockade on Lebanon to relieve the suffering of the Lebanese people, especially during this winter.

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