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Israel Bombing the Outskirts of Damascus from Over Lebanon, Again

Israel bombing against Damascus from over the Golan and Lebanon

Israel carried out a new aggression against the Syrian capital Damascus shortly after midnight, the bombing targeted a Syrian Army post in the outskirt of Damascus.

A Syrian military spokesperson stated: ‘At about 12:56 a.m. local time today, April 8, the Israeli enemy carried out an air assault with bursts of rockets from the direction of Lebanese territory targeting some points in the vicinity of the city of Damascus, and our air defense media intercepted the aggression’s missiles and dropped most of them.’

Four Syrian army soldiers were injured in the bombing which also left some material damage, the military spokesperson added.

Syrian air defenses have shot down a number of illicit missiles, and Al Manar has just announced that one of Syria’s air defense missiles chased an enemy warplane to the border, at which point a very loud explosion was heard throughout southern Lebanon.

The video is also available on YouTube and BitChute.

Reports are sparse; NATO’s favorite rabid dog situated in the middle of Arab countries for destabilization purposes, has engaged in a trifecta of war crimes: Aggressively bombing another country, illegally using Lebanese air space, aggressively bombing another country using its own territory, the Syrian Golan, criminally occupied for decades, contrary to the Geneva Agreements and a long list of impotent UN Security Council Resolutions.

Israel has been working hard to instigate a war in the region before the US shifts its focus completely on subduing China before it becomes a real economical threat to the US corporations, the USA needs all its power pivoted to Southeast Asia and this will leave Israel naked. US military personnel and the preferred meat to defend the illegal collection of European settlements in occupied Palestine.

We, at Syria News, were debating about the number of actual bombings Israel carried out against Syria this year, especially after the ‘most inclusive colorful’ junta of Joe Biden took over at the White House, this would be the 6th of such aggressions added to the instigations against Iran, also before the US troops leave the region.

‘The only democracy in the Middle East’ is also going through political unrest as its war criminal 71-years-old prime minister Netanyahu is continuously repeating the elections until he wins a comfortable majority to stay in power for another term to avoid prison over multiple corruption charges, he’s been in his post since 2005, ‘democratically’ as per the standards of the US mainstream media. Attacking countries, committing war crimes, and trying to instigate a regional, maybe global war, is his other option to remain in power indefinitely, but ‘democratically’.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    When Syria starts retaliating against Israel you’ll see all western media and western officials cry for Israel which will play the role of the victim.

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