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Iran: West Provides Chemical Weapons to Syrian Terrorists

Chemical Weapons

Iran accused several Western powers of supporting the so-called “rebels” in Syria to gain access to chemical weapons yesterday. According to an spokesperson of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Syrian children and women are dying from the use of different type of weapons in Syria and among these weapons are also chemical weapons, which fall into the hands of the foreign-backed terrorists also with the support of some Western states.

Thus, the Iranian Foreign Ministry accused several Western governments of supporting the terrorists in Syria to receive weapons and even to get their hands on some chemical weapons in order to also use these different type of weapons against Syrian children and women – innocent Syrian civilians.

After the last two years, it is already a fact that the jihadists and armed thugs in Syria have killed many Syrian civilians willfully and also carried out endless massacres against innocent people in Syria – partly for so-called false-flag actions in order to blame the Syrian Arab army / Syrian government in the capital Damascus for these crimes.

It is no wonder that the Syrian government calls all these armed jihadist, Islamist and criminals in Syria terrorists because these armed religious fanatics and foreign-backed mercenaries and thugs are nothing else than uneducated, brainwashed and violent terrorists – supported by some Western powers, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some neighboring countries of Syria – especially by the Turkish Erdogan regime.

According to the latest information by the United Nations (UN), chemical weapons were used in Syria by the “Syrian rebels”. At least, there is more and more evidence for the use of chemical weapons by the foreign-backed terrorists and religious fanatics (e.g. al Nusra Front, which is nothing else than al-Qaeda, established by the US administration).

U.S. vs. UN: U.S. government is lying

While a spokesman of the White House in Washington (US) said on Monday that the United States did not believe that the “Syrian rebels” (terrorists in reality) had used chemical weapons, the United Nations (UN) is more and more convinced about the fact that the terrorists in Syria have already used chemical weapons.

The UN commission has already received testimony from victims and doctors about the alleged use of the deadly nerve gas sarin by “rebel forces” in Syria. Carla Del Ponte, a member of this UN commission, which has the duty to monitor and investigate the human rights abuses in Syria, said this and, thus, the UN commission tells more truth about Syria than the White House.

Although it is finally good that the United Nations (UN) blame the Syrian terrorists for the use of chemical weapons – or, at least, it seems like they do it finally – that does mean nothing in the end. The United Nations (UN) are not more or less credible than the White House under the administration of Barack Obama, which makes no difference to the times of George Bush or former so-called presidents of the United States.

The US administration tries to blame the Syrian Arab army for using chemical weapons against civilians, but due to the results and general use of chemical weapons, such acts would be no benefit for the Syrian army in order to clean specific areas of towns or cities.

It is just a stupid lie by the US administration, which should know it better when it comes to chemical weapons and the common operation areas and possible applications of chemical weapons. These chemical weapons are no benefit in the urban warfares which are partly taking place in Syria.

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