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iran warns usa attack syria

Airplanes (F-15 / F-22)

John Kerry confirms: Saudi Arabia and Qatar pay for destruction of Syria.

While US Secretary of State John Kerry was named a liar by Russia’s President Putin and the designation by Vladimir Putin for John Kerry was understandable and correct because he really lied to US congressmen in terms of the “absence of Al Qaeda in Syria”, the Secretary of State has even confirmed that the Arab regimes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar will pay for a US-led invasion of Syria.

Thus, the US troops would then be the paid mercenaries of both totalitarian dictatorships in the Gulf in order to carry out the questionable agenda of Washington, Tel Aviv, Riyadh and Doha. A war, based yet again on fabricated documents and faked evidence by Israel’s Mossad.

Not to mention that US soldiers would fight shoulder to shoulder with Al-Qaeda forces in Syria while other jihadists of Al-Qaeda kill US soldiers in Afghanistan and anywhere else. Yes, this sounds schizophrenic and far-fetched. However, even US military personnel, American soldiers as well as US veterans are convinced that this is the truth and more and more US soldiers reject to fight for Al-Qaeda in Syria while the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda kills other American soldiers in Afghanistan. Understandable.

Although US Secretary of State John Kerry has refused to say the names of the Arab countries that have offered to pay for the full US invasion of Syria, it is clear that the Arab countries will pay with petrodollars and that Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the totalitarian dictatorships in the Gulf, are the ones that offered to pay to get some support for their fighting human resources, including Al-Qaeda, in Syria.

Not to mention that the Saudi regime as well as the regime in Qatar want the downfall of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and the secular Syrian government in the capital, Damascus. Yes, in contrast to the regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Syria`s “evil” leadership, the government and the majority of the Syrian people respect secularity and religious minorities.

Even US Senator Rand Paul has recently praised the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for his protection for the Christians in Syria against the religious fanatics, jihadists and mass murderers of Al-Qaeda and against the crimes of any other violent group that is fighting in Syria in order to topple the secular government in Damascus and to remove, better kill, the President al-Assad.

In the meantime, further lawmakers from the Islamic Republic of Iran have yet again voiced their support for Syria and it becomes more and more obvious, from day to day, that the majority of the group that has something to say in Iran will not accept a US-led military strike against Syria and a military invasion of the neighbouring Arab state.

Amid the increased threats by the U.S. administration against the Syrian government in Damascus about a military strike on Syria, which is then (according to John Kerry) completely paid by Saudi Arabia and Qatar because the United States are so or so broke, the Iranian lawmakers have again underlined their support for Syria, for the Syrian people, the government in Damascus and for the national army of the Arab state.

The Iranian lawmakers do not accept a possible US-led military strike on Syria, which then will certainly be anything but a “limited attack” for just some days on Damascus. The officials from the Islamic Republic of Iran reject a war when the justification is based on fabricated documents of the Israeli intelligence, the Mossad.

The fairy tale of a “limited war” is possibly useful to convince the world public that such a military attack is not as horrible as a full-scale war, but the reality is different and will be different.

Washington and the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar are capable of launching a war on Syria, but none of these sides will be able to maintain the control of such a war against Damascus and nobody of them will then be capable of ending the war – there is even the dangerous possibility that any US-led attack on Syria will trigger a new world war; some political analysts, former politicians and also army personnel from different states have already mentioned the threat of a “World War III” in terms of Syria and a possible foreign attack against this Arab country. Of course, under the consideration of Syria’s allies and their possible reactions.

The new statement by these Iranian MPs and other lawmakers of the Islamic Republic of Iran says that they are ready to protect Syria and that Tehran will support the Syrian people as well as the government in Damascus. Further, the lawmakers have also underlined the religious commands and the contents of the Iranian Constitution about the need to support the oppressed people of the world and that the Syrian people are the suffering ones of a possible war on Syria.

Airplanes (F-15 / F-22)
Airplanes (F-15 / F-22)

The Iranian lawmakers have also clearly pointed out that the Syrian Muslims, Alawites, and Christians are massacred on a daily basis by the US-supported “wild cannibalistic Takfiris” and that they will forever support the members of the axis of resistance against the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv.

A part of the new statement by the Iranian MPs includes the following phrase:

“Now, who can hear the call of Syrian Muslims, who are massacred on a daily basis by wild cannibalistic Takfiris, and remain indifferent? Who can hear the news about the killing of innocent pregnant women in Syria simply because they are Alawites, and easily pass over it?”

As mentioned, the new statement by the Iranian lawmakers also referred to some inhumane acts committed by terrorists in Syria and it expresses their surprise at the actions of “those who take steps to please the enemy at this historical juncture when the US and West are trying to uproot the resistance (against the occupation power in Tel Aviv) in the Middle East to prop up the usurping Zionist regime.”

The Iranian lawmakers and officials then warned the U.S. administration in Washington and the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv that one day the oppressed nations of the world will have their chance “to wipe out the axis of tyranny and oppression” and that any kind of military strike on Syria will “hasten their downfall.” In addition, the Iranian officials have recently also urged the regime in Saudi Arabia to change its stance on Syria because the Iranian MPs are aware of the machinations and intentions of the rotten ruling family in Saudi Arabia.

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  1. Orpheus

    I can’t believe the ideology of the US and the west. Few simple obvious things they can’t see.

    1. These so called rebels groups want to capture the country by any means.
    2. They are the main cause for the refugee crisis.
    3. They are the main reason for the deaths of innocence for the last 2 years.
    4. What is happening in Iraq after the invasion?

    I cannot predict who is going to win the war. But one thing is certain. This will bring endless misery to Syrian children(without a further solution). The fighting and killing among the rebels and those who were loyal to Assad will keep going for ever, Millions of children will die of starvation and decease. Millions will become homeless. Kind people in the world will be exhausted of giving charity.

    • Arklight

      Orpheus, it’s true that things are looking dark right now, and there’s no doubt that more innocent victims will be be sacrificed because Syria began to sell oil to Russia for payment in rubles Obama is, in my opinion, a wholly evil creature of Satan who wants to turn the US military into Lucifer’s Legions. The other side is that more and more people are standing up for right, and are turning against the insane monsters in governments world wide. Men and women of good will will not be deterred from offering what they can to the deserving, and those men and women of good will are found in every faith denomination and sect. Don’t despair, God will extract payment in full from those who do evil, and the sooner the better.


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