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Iran Unveils its New Advanced Hormuz and Darb Shams Radar Systems

Iran Darb Shams and Hurmoz Radar Air Defense Systems

Iran unveiled its latest indigenous radar systems, Darb Shams for simulation and training, and the Hormuz advanced radar for tracking multiple targets at different altitudes and speeds.

A new achievement in the path of self-sufficiency in military capabilities, thanks to the 4 decades long unilateral coercive sanctions measures imposed against Iran by the USA and its European stooges under the instructions of Israel, the country needed to develop and produce its own military weapons and equipment, now the USA and its same stooges are worried about the advancing military capabilities of the Islamic Republic.

The two new radar systems are shown in the following report we’re sharing in case you’re residing in a western country that engages in free speech promoting by banning Iranian and Syrian media and you couldn’t access Press TV:

The video is on BitChute and for now on YouTube.

Darb Shams radar is a long rage simulator to design and execute a range of war scenarios to enhance the preparedness of the staff members against potential missile attacks and other aerial threats.

And Hormuz advanced radar system which was put into service on Saturday, 1st of October, is a medium-range tactical radar capable of detecting and tracking air targets at high, medium, and low altitudes.

“The Hormuz system can calculate the speed of the target while accurately calculating the distance and sending the data to the fire control systems, all of the equipment unveiled were designed and produced using domestic know-how, we no longer need to import such equipment from other countries.”

Iranian Army Officer

We have written earlier on some of Iran’s military equipment produced locally which includes Iran’s HESA Kowsar fighter jet, Som Kherdad air defense system, and ‘Kaman-22’ Iran’s Latest Advanced Reconnaissance Combat Drone.

Worth noting that even Russia submitted to Israel’s instructions and held back the deliveries of its dated S300 air defense systems to both Syria and Iran, its real allies in the face of the US hegemonic plans, which triggered both countries to sign a mutual defense pact to cooperate in producing and developing their own defense capabilities.

Iran has turned the obstacles placed in its path of development by the US-led axis of evil countries into an opportunity to build its own needed industries and become self-sufficient and also to export its expertise and machinery to other countries.

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  1. Douglas Allam

    Good for Iran everyone needs defense. I thought Russia sold The 400 system to Turkey. I am at a lost why it is not provided to Syria which is subjected to almost daily attacks from the Zionists.

    • Arabi Souri

      Russia was betting on the impossible humanizing Erdogan and his criminal regime, they sold the advanced S400 to their enemy which is also unpredictable, while holding back the dated S300 from Syria and Iran, the only countries that are Russia’s sincere allies in the global world power balance.
      If you read through you’ll see why Iran and Syria signed the pact to produce their own defense weapons, this came after Russia shut down its air defense system early last year while the battle was ongoing in southern Idlib without telling its allies, it allowed Al Qaeda and the Erdogan army to kill many Syrian soldiers, even soldiers from Hezb Allah.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    The US sanctions backfiring as the Iranian are developing and producing their air defense needs instead of buying them ready from other countries, which is better for their national security.


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