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iran hopes political solution syrian crisis

Iran / Syria

Iran still hopes for a political solution and these hopes were again confirmed today by the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Abbas Araqchi. The spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry said today in Tehran that they still hope for a political solution to the conflict and crisis in the neighbouring country Syria.

Abbas Araqchi further stated in his statements that the political developments in the Middle Eastern region hopefully move towards a political solution to the crisis in Syria and that any developments in one country, may they be good or bad, will affect its neighbouring states.

Of course, the spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Mr. Abbas Araqchi, said this in reference of the failed attempt by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

The spokesman of this Iranian Ministry further stated in this official press statement from today that they are now “waiting to see how the developments in Egypt will impact the conflict in Syria”. He also added to this official statement by the Iranian Foreign Ministry that the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria have “Salafi approaches as they are the opposition” of the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Of course, the spokesperson of the Iranian Foreign Ministry again confirmed in these statements about Syria and Egypt today that the situation, in terms of the conflict in Syria, is very complicated because there are multiple factors involved and these factors have pushed the developments in Syria towards a situation with more confrontations and escalations.

Beside the official statement by the Iranian Foreign Ministry, there are further news from Iran. According to press reports, three ancient fire pot bases have been discovered in the Iranian province of Bushehr, which is located in the south of Iran.

Some locals wanted to restore their house after it has been hit by an earthquake some time ago and accidently found the three ancient fire pot bases on a historical hill that is located near the Iranian village of Keshtu (Province of Bushehr). This Iranian region is known to be an interesting historical spot because various generations of different eras were living and working there.

PressTV published further information about the area and the ancient fire pot bases.

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