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Turkey Issues Travel Warning to Egypt amid Fresh Protests in Cairo

Syrian person thrown from the rooftop of a government building by Islamists in Alexandria, Egypt.

While the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a travel warning for Egypt due to the increasing violence in the country, fresh rallies were carried out by Egyptians, especially in the capital, Cairo. The tensions continue to increase in the North African country and, thus, it is probably understandable that the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a travel warning for Egypt.

The Turkish Foreign Minister warns its citizens about traveling to and especially inside Egypt. This warning applies to every journey to and inside Egypt, apart from the city centres and the typical holiday resorts in Egypt that have direct flight connections.

The Turkish Foreign Minister also started in the travel warning for Egypt that the travellers in Egypt should really avoid roads and stay away from crowds and the venues of the continued protests and rallies in Egypt.

It also advised all Turkish citizens in Egypt to get in contact with the Turkish Embassy in the capital, Cairo or the Consulate General in Alexandria. If this is not possible, the Turkish citizens should call the 24-hour consular call centre in case of problems or emergency.

Meanwhile, many Egyptians have carried out new rallies in the Egyptian capital Cairo and, as said, the tensions are increasing in the country. There were new pro- and anti-Morsi rallies in Cairo, but it is probably better to call them rallies by supporters of the “Muslim Brotherhood” and rallies by all the people who are smart enough to oppose the Muslim Brotherhood and support the military coup against the ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

The increasing violence and tensions happen in Egypt especially due to the reason that the rallies of both sides are not far away from each other and, to be honest, the word “security” isn`t known in Egypt since the last foreign-backed regime change, which is probably known by the most under the term “Arab Spring”, was carried out and Mubarak became history. The fresh protests in Cairo took place at the iconic liberation square and some are still continued.

The supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood followed the calls of this “organisation” to take the streets and protest against the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi and the new “political process” in Egypt.

The other side and thus, the supporters of the Egyptian military and the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood farce Mohamed Morsi also support the new interim government of Egypt that is led by the Judge Adly Mansour. This side seems to be a bit smarter, to be honest; and hopefully less violent.

Since last week, it is said that at least 36 people have been killed so far and some supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood have even thrown a person of the roof of a house (video).

The horrible image of this event in Egypt was used as teaser image for this post to let it spread even more because it seems that the Muslim Brotherhood has still its backers in the West.

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