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Syrian National Coalition (SNC): Fresh Weapons from Saudi Arabia

Best friend of the Western governments - a jihadist terrorist.

It was announced by the Turkey-based and so-called “Syrian National Coalition” (Council / SNC) after the finished presidential elections on Sunday that they will receive new weapons from the totalitarian dictatorship and the best friend of the West, Saudi Arabia.

Ahmad Jarba, the Saudi-linked new president and head of the external staged and divided “Syrian opposition” umbrella group, the “Syrian National Coalition” (SNC), stated yesterday that they are going to receive new arms from Saudi Arabia in order to again have some more success in the battles against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the secular Syrian nation.

The ground forces of this so-called “Syrian National Coalition” (Council / SNC) include militants, mercenaries, religious fanatics and also al-Qaeda-linked thugs and fighters. That this “umbrella organisation”, which is supported by foreign powers and the Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, wants to implement a secular government in Syria is one of the best jokes since the beginning of the conflict and proxy war on Syrian soil.

That the new president of the “Syrian National Coalition” (SNC), Ahmad Jarba, who has confirmed links to the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, is convinced that the radical ground forces of this foreign-backed group of Islamists and marionettes will receive new weapons by Saudi Arabia should be no surprise finally.

In addition, the Saudi-linked Ahmad Jarba, who was elected as the new showman of the staged and heavily divided external “Syrian opposition” on Saturday in the Turkish city of Istanbul, said in this interview with the Lebanese TV station al-Mayadeen, that the ground forces and militants of the “Syrian opposition” will not only receive fresh arms, but they will get “advanced weapons” from Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi puppet Ahmad Jarba who beat the Qatari candidate in the elections on Saturday also stated that the position of the “ground forces” of the external “Syrian Opposition” is weak but that this will change when they receive the “advanced weapons” from the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia.

Best friend of the Western governments - a jihadist terrorist.
A Nusra Front terrorists with ‘non-lethal’ machine guns provided by the West, they’re expecting ‘lethal’ weapons now to be paid for by western taxpayers

Jarba also confirmed that the “Syrian National Coalition” (SNC) will not participate in the next international peace conference on the topic Syria in Geneva and thus, the external and staged “Syrian opposition” again denied to take part in meetings that could bring peace to Syria and also confirmed that they have no real clue what democracy is all about.

No surprise, there is not a major difference between the stubborn and fanatic members of the Muslim Brotherhood and the members of the external Syrian “opposition” – both are more interested in personal benefits, money and power and do not really care about some violence or bloodshed as long as they are able to achieve these goals and to fulfil the wishes and orders of their sponsors like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and Washington.

Finally, the Saudi-linked Ahmad Jarba, new showman of the staged umbrella organisation of the heavily divided external “opposition” has offered the Syrian government in Damascus a truce for the holy month of Ramadan but this is again just a for the show.

First, it sounds good for Western media and the people in Western countries. Second, the ground forces, militants and jihadists of the “Syrian opposition” have always broken such agreements of a truce between them, the external puppets and the Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad in the past.

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