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farce saudi linked ahmad assi jarbi president

Turkey & al-Qaeda

The foreign-supported external “Syrian opposition” (main staged group) has elected a new President and what a surprise – the new President of the Syrian National Coalition (Council / SNC) is the Saudi-linked Ahmad Assi Jarba. The new President of the external “Syrian opposition” group, the Syrian National Council (SNC), was elected in a meeting in the Turkish city of Istanbul, of course.

The Saudi-linked Ahmad Assi Jarbi won the presidential elections of the very divided and foreign-supported external opposition group, the questionable and so-called “Syrian National Coalition (Council)” (SNC). Thus, the Saudi-backed Ahmad Assi Jarbi defeated Mustafa al-Sabbagh, the puppet candidate by Qatar, in the second round of election at the meeting of this external so-called “Syrian opposition group” in the Turkish city of Istanbul, where the umbrella group of the staged external Syria opposition is based.

Ahmad Assi Jarbi is from the eastern part of the province of Hasaka in Syria and has confirmed connections to the Saudi regime and members of the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia. He is said to represent the wishes of the rotten Saudi royal family, known as huge terrorist sponsors around the globe, and the fraction of the former secular dissident Michel Kilo.

This meeting in Istanbul was already the second meeting of such a type by this staged external opposition group, which is finally nothing more than a deeply divided farce and the most members don`t even know how to write secularity on paper. It is a shame for Michel Kilo that he is still supporting these kind of people.

Saudi-linked Ahmad Assi Jarbi follows the footsteps of Moaz al-Khatib and George Sabra and it is certain that he will not be able to unite this deeply divided group(s) and he also won`t be able to impose a no-fly zone on Syria by Western military powers.

Syria will never surrender to the orders of Saudi Arabia, Washington or Israel and the majority within the Arab nation either opposes this external farce of the “Syrian National Coalition” (Council / SNC) or supports the current government and the national army.

Saudi Arabia and its puppets.
Saudi Arabia and its puppets.

The new vice presidents of this foreign-backed group of marionettes are Suheir Atassi, Mohammed Farouk Tayfur and Salim Muslit. Indeed, three vice presidents. Badr Jamous was then “elected” as the new secretary general of this “Syrian National Coalition / Council”-farce.

(Image of used Map: By Carport [CC-BY-SA-3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

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